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Update Lethal Company From Version 47 To 48

In Lethal Company, players are curious about how to update the game to version 48 from version 47.

Version 47 is the latest version of the game however, updating the game upgrades you to version 48.

You can update version 47 of the Lethal company to version 48 by clicking the blue play button that says update. Besides, if you are still stuck on version 47, you can go to your stream library and choose None options from the properties in the beta tabs to dismiss the beta branch.

Continue reading to find out more about the new updates in Lethal Company version 48.

Lethal Company Releases Version 47 As Latest Version

Lethal Company keeps enhancing the game features and captivates its players with new updates.

One of the recent updates of Lethal Company is Version 47 which is officially announced by the game.

The Lethal company released version 47 on January 9, 2024, which has Mickey Mouse as its thumbnail.

However, after playing the new version 47 of Lethal Company some of the players are upgraded into version 48.

Version 48 new patches lethal company
Keep updating the Lethal company as the versions keep increasing with small patches and will not allow playing together on two different versions.

Many players are finding it amusing as the game releases its latest version as 47 but players are on version 48 in the game.

Hence, some players are still on version 47 of the game while others are playing on version 48.

Due to this, the players who upgraded to version 48 of Lethal Company are unable to join their friends in the version 47 lobby.

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Is Version 48 Of Lethal Company A Glitch?

Version 48 of Lethal Company is confusing players as 47 is showing as the latest update.

Many players believe version 48 of Lethal Company to be a visual bug or glitch of the update.

However, it is not a bug or glitch but is due to adding new patches in the game.

Version Number Increase After Hotfixes

Soon after the release of version 47, two quick fixes were put in place to fix bugs and balance problems.

Strangely, these hotfixes and patches made the game’s version numbers jump from version 47 to 48.

The exact reason why the game updates to a new version number is still not clear.

However, it seems like the game’s code automatically makes the version number higher after hotfixes.

How To Update Lethal Company From Version 47 To 48?

In version 48 of Lethal Company, the new patches and fixes decrease the fall damage in the game.

Hence, the update fixes the amount of fall damage you get from jumping from a minimum height.

Therefore, it is best to keep updating Lethal Company as the version increases after small patches.

killing spiders with shovel
Version 48 of Lethal Company has various updates like shovel buff and speed improvement, thumper rework, bunker spider changes, etc.

If you are playing the latest version then you can join your friends in the game who are on version 48.

Even though the game is on version 48 at the moment, it can switch to version 49 any time soon due to the frequent quick fixes.

1. Manual Force Update The Game

Normally, Lethal Company updates itself automatically but if you are stuck on version 47 then you must manually force an update.

When you launch the game, make sure the Play button is green.

If the play button appears blue and says update then just click it to start the update process.

Hence, updating the game frequently will ensure that you are on the same page as your fellow players.

2. Dismiss From Beta Branch

If the game keeps saying it’s Version 47 even after you’ve updated everything, the problem might be because you’re on the beta branch.

To fix this you can follow the steps as follows:

  • First, Right click on the game in your Stream library.
  • Next, Go to Properties and choose None in the Beta tabs.

Thus, this will make sure your game is updated to the newest version and fix any issues.

New Updates In Version 48 Of Lethal Company

There are various new updates in version 48 of Lethal Company and some of them are as follows:

  1. Shovels now weigh less, making them more efficient for carrying scrap.
  2. Shovels have improved collisions which makes it easier to hit entities like spiders.
  3. The update adds four fresh hallways with different turns which makes looting and fighting more interesting.
  4. The thumper rework is another update where its movement is smoother and faster now but turns slower at high speeds.
  5. Bunker Spider gets a bit faster when almost defeated, and its webs cover a larger area than before.
  6. Forest Giants are more likely to leave employees alone after they safely enter the ship.
  7. Nutcrackers can move while aiming after fighting an employee which makes the solo encounters tougher.
  8. Coil Heads have louder footsteps to warn employees before attacking.

There are also various Bug Fixes in version 48 of Lethal Company which are as follows:

  • Landmines no longer instantly kill upon stepping on them.
  • Gift boxes no longer lose items accidentally when opened.
  • Fixed item duplication glitch associated with gift boxes.
  • Items now register properly when employees drop them.
  • Christmas tree decorations are no longer available, and the old song is back.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company’s new versions are to enhance gameplay, fix bugs, and introduce exciting challenges for players.

Hence, keep updating the game to receive hotfixes and small patches for version upgrades.

Every small update in the game changes its version from 47 to 48 in Lethal Company.

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