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All New Female Mod In Lethal Company

Lethal company releases many mods in different version updates, making gameplay easier.

Likewise, one of the modifications in the game is the Female Mod for engaging gameplay .

Lethal Company introduces female mods in versions 2.2.0 and 1.1.0, including the “Thicc Intern” model through the “Thicc Company Model Replacement” mod, and “Lethal Ladies Modpack”, enhancing player customization and enjoyment.

In this article, we will discuss the female mod in Lethal Company.

Are There Any Female Mods In Lethal Company?

Lethal Company releases a variety of mods across different versions that add enjoyment to the gameplay.

These mods, ranging from additions to practical improvements, contribute to a vibrant gaming experience.

Notably, in version 1.1.0, Lethal Company introduces female mods.

Also, this allows players to customize their avatars with female company workers.

This inclusion showcases the game’s commitment to diversity and provides players the freedom to shape their in-game characters.

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What Are The Female Mods In Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, female mods allow players to customize their avatars with new suits.

Specifically, the “Thicc Intern” model created by FoxGod is a famous female mod.

1. ThiccCompanyModelReplacement

This mod replaces default suits or specified ones in the configuration with a Female Company Worker.

Moreover, the mod, titled “Thicc Company Model Replacement” by FoxGod, gained popularity with over 80K+ downloads and 37 ratings.

It works seamlessly with Bunya’s ModelReplacementAPI, requiring mods like;

  •  BepInEx
  •  BunyaPineTree-ModelReplacementAPI-2.2.1.

While it brings humor and uniqueness to the game, it is acknowledged as “VERY scuffed and not perfect.”

Moreover, it brings some potential issues like laggy physics and odd appearances in specific lighting.

female mod lethal company
The female company worker is a female mod in Lethal Company.

2. Lethal Ladies

Lethal Ladies Modpack for Lethal Company is curated by GriffTheSheep.

This mod pack offers a collection of entertaining and diverse mods designed for both solo and multiplayer experiences.

This mod pack has 661 downloads and a rating of 2 and aims to enhance the gameplay.

Additionally, featuring over 100 mods, it simplifies the process of updating mods for the community.

Moreover, the Lethal Ladies plans to split the mod pack into separate components like:

  • Lethal Ladies Core
  • Lethal Ladies Suits
  • Lethal Ladies Funnies
  • Lethal Ladies Extras

Moreover, it allows users to choose specific content packs according to their choice.

The README mentions that if a mod is removed from the mod pack, it won’t be removed from the loader.

Also, this mod pack includes various funny mods, potentially changing the game dynamics

Overall, Lethal Ladies Modpack offers a playful and diverse set of modifications for an enjoyable Lethal Company gaming experience.

install thunderestore mods for lethal company
You can install mods from the Thunderstore website.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company has various mods which released often, including female options in versions 2.2.0 and 1.1.0.

Moreover, the “Thicc Intern” model known as “Thicc Company Model Replacement,” are popular ones among Female Mods.

In addition, the Lethal Ladies Mod pack offers diverse and entertaining female mods for engaging in gameplay with friends.

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