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Letterboxd Wrapped For 2023 Is Coming

People who love watching movies on Letterboxd are excited about the release of Letterboxd Wrapped 2023.

Furthermore, people are curious to see the statistics about their movie-watching history on the Letterboxd.

The Letterboxd Wrapped gives you statistics of your most watched movies, actors, genres, directors, etc. You can also get the stats of how many movies you watched in 2023, total watch hours, etc. The Letterboxd 2023 was recently released in early January 2024.

Continue reading to learn more about Letterboxd Wrapped and how to get the stats.

What Is The Letterboxd App?

The Letterboxd is an app that lets you browse and watch different movies.

Furthermore, you can find movies of different genres in the Letterboxd.

You can also follow your friends on this app and see what they are watching.

Get the statistics of what genre movies you watched the most throughout the year in Letterboxd Wrapped 2023.

In addition, you can write, review, and rate movies up to five stars in this app.

Letterboxd is free to use, but you can upgrade to the pro version to get the stats by paying $19 per year.

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What Is Letterboxd Wrapped?

The Letterboxd Wrapped feature in the Letterbox app gives users the history of their movie-watching activity.

Furthermore, Letterboxd lets you track the history of the movies you watch.

You can see the summary of the movies you watched throughout the year.

In addition, you can see how many movies you have watched in each month of 2023.

letterboxd rated films
Letterbox Wrapped gives users the stats about their highest-rated movies, watch hours, etc.

You can also get the statistics of what genre movies you watched the most throughout the year.

Besides, your stats will also have your best, worst, and most petite favorite movies of 2023.

However, you must upgrade to the pro version by paying $19 to get your movie’s stats link this year.

Upgrade To The Pro Version Of Letterboxd

You can track your most watched actor, highest-rated directors, and the number of movies you watched in a month with the wrapped.

If you get a Patreon membership paying $40 a year, you can have more perks and access to your stats.

With the Letterboxd Wrapped 2023 stats, you can recommend your five-star rating movies by sharing your profile with others.

films by week
Get the statistics of movies you watched the most each week throughout the year.

Moreover, people can save time by not watching movies with the least stars and worst reviews.

Hence, you can discover new movies you may like based on the reviews on Letterboxd by checking your friend’s stats profile.

Letterboxd Wrapped 2023 Coming In January 2024

The Letterboxd Wrapped for 2023 is coming by the end of the year during early January 2024.

You can subscribe to the pro version to get all your stats on the movies you’ve watched and liked the most.

Letterboxd wrapped recently released in January 2024 ending the year for movie enthusiasts on a good note.

letterboxd wrapped 2024
The Letterboxd Wrapped 2024 showing the favorite movies.

Even if you don’t subscribe, Letterboxd will send you some default stats of your 2023 Letterboxd Wrapped.

The Letterboxd will email you a link to your 2023 wrapped stats.

Hence, ensure you have your email notifications turned on to enjoy your movie’s history in 2023.

As you get your stats, you can share your Letterboxd profile with your friends and share the movies you liked the most this year.

Can You Get Stats If You Don’t Pay?

Many users who have not yet subscribed to the Letterboxd Pro are confused about whether they can get their stats if they pay now.

Hence, the answer is that as long as you have been logging movies, the stats will appear for each year.

Besides, you can start paying for Patron in late 2022 to get the stats for 2023.

If you have not subscribed to the pro version, you will still get stats for 2023, but only for most watched actors and directors.

The paid version can get you stats on watch hours, most watched movies in each month, most watched genres, etc.

The Bottom Line

The Letterboxd wrapped is indeed an exciting review that reflects your preference for movies, actors, directors, etc.

You can analyze how much time you have invested in watching movies that may help you balance things out.

Hence, you can find and follow new people on Letterboxd to discover new films through their profiles.

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