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LFG Bulletin Board Not Working In WoW: Easy Fixes

The LFG Bulletin Board in World of Warcraft Classic is not working properly, making it harder to find groups.

Bulletin Board is an addon players can use to find groups or quickly join parties to complete their dungeon quests.

It helps players find parties with ease, avoiding the hassle of searching for the perfect party in General Chat.

Continue reading to find out more about the LFG Bulletin Board Not Working and easy fixes in WoW.

LFG Bulletin Board In WoW: Party Finder Not Working

LFG or Looking for Group Bulletin Board in WoW is simply a party finder addon to team up with and complete dungeons, raids, and quests.

Bulletin Board is often used to recruit members for tough quests or to team up against powerful monsters.

Additionally, it saves time and effort making it easy for players to find teammates for specific activities.

lfg bulletin board not working
The LFG Bulletin Board is a party finder addon that helps players complete dungeons easily.

Players can also specify what activity they want to do, their character class, and special requirements for group members.

Moreover, players can check the bulletin board to see which groups are looking for members or post their messages to find teammates.

The LFG Bulletin Board is currently non-functional, as the developer has stated on Curseforge that they are no longer actively playing the game.

Furthermore, the latest patch of the game has resulted in the Bulletin Board malfunctioning, but there is still potential for it to be repaired.

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How To Fix LFG Bulletin Board Not Working In WoW?

Here are the steps for the simple fix of the Bulletin Board in World Of Warcraft:

1. Redownload The Addon

You need to Download and reinstall the bulletin board onto your computer.

Occasionally, following a game update, new patches are released for add-ons.

However, there are instances where the previous version fails to synchronize correctly with the update.

2. Restart The Launcher

You can also restart the game or the launcher. Though it may sound simple, it does help troubleshoot most of the issues of the game.

Moreover, You can close the game and the Blizzard launcher and reopen it to see if the issue is solved.

3. Simple Command

A simple command could fix the issue if you have not tried it yet.

You need to Type in /gbb reset to reset your Bulletin Board and fix the issue.

4. Language Settings

You need to ensure only 1 language is selected in your Bulletin Board as choosing more than one can cause it to act weirdly.

To choose only 1 language, you need to:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Search Patterns
  • Under Language, make sure only 1 language is checked.

5. Check Filters

One of the easiest fixes is to check filters, to perform this step:

  1. Go to Addons in the Menu
  2. Click on the “+” sign next to the LFG Bulletin Board
  3. Go to Vanilla Filter
  4. Check all of them
  5. Now, go to TBC and Wraith Filters and uncheck all of them 

After these steps are applied, your LFG Bulletin Board should work properly.

6. Different Version

You can also try using different versions of the addon to solve LFG bulletin error.

Moreover, using the wraith version of the addon could solve the issue.

6. Try Alternatives

If none of the above steps work, you should for an alternative LFG addon.

Groupie addon works smoothly and nicely if you want an alternative to the LFG Bulletin Board.

lfg bulletin board not working
Groupie is an alternative to Bulletin Board which has a better User Interface and supports more language.

Moreover, groupie has a clean UI and performs much faster than Bulletin Board.

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