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Weakness Of Nameless Puppet: Beat With Ease

Players are curious about the Nameless Puppet weakness in Lies Of P.

Knowing the weak points may grant an upper hand in battles as the boss is quite a potent enemy to come against.

The Nameless Puppet is the last and an optional boss at the Under the Abyss in the Lies of P. Some of the Weaknesses of the boss are throwables and passive attacks.

Continue reading to discover more about the Nameless Puppet and his weaknesses in Lies of P.

Who Is Nameless Puppet In Lies Of P?

The Nameless Puppet is definitely among the strongest enemies in the end-game.

He is one of the creations of Gepetto, the father of puppets and is found in Under the Abyss.

nameless puppet weakness
Fight Nameless Puppet in Under the Abyss.

Nameless Puppet has quite a speed and an insane number of attacks.

Sword thrust, jump attack, double swing, swing and double sword sweep are some of the skills the Puppet pursues. 

Eventhough the boss is optional, many players are exploring the possibility of fighting him for an enhanced gaming experience.

If players are not yet ready to face the boss, be sure to provide the father of puppets with the heart of the mission.

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Nameless Puppet Weakness

As the boss occurs in the end-game, he definitely does not have a lot of weakness.

Also, players need to beat him in different phases, which makes the battle even more thought.

Nonetheless, using the following abilities may help beat the boss;

1. Use Throwables

One of the best methods players can approach while fighting the boss is using throwable items, so ensure to equip a lot of them.

With over ten of those items, players should go with the items that focus on raw damage rather than grabbing the enemy’s attention.

nameless puppet weakness
Use the throwable item on the Nameless Puppet.

Players can go for Shot Put, Electric Blitz Cannister and  Fire Cannister to launch an attack, which is best in the segment.

Ensure to equip many throwable items players prefer or else get them from the vendors available in different locations.

2. Disallow Healing

Launching a continuous attack while being passive at the same time is another way to win the boss with ease.

In the battle, don’t give him a chance to heal when the enemy faces health drainage in any fight phase. 

So, when players are out of the throwables, stay closer to him and deploy hits.

3. Passive Attacks

Initially, players should focus on building, so equip the best weapons, amulets and legion arms that suit the character’s class.

When the enemy is launching an attack on the players, ensure to deploy an instant dash attack and improve the movements.

If players have any fire abilities, use them, as many enemies are often vulnerable to them.

Also, try using heavy stagger weapons for critical hits, dodge the possible attacks, and run around him when the enemy attacks heavily.

4. Guarding

Guarding against the Nameless Pupet may not be his actual weakness; however, it adds a layer of advantage to beat him.

Players should have enough P-organ to ensure guard regen for faster health regains.

Also, they should deploy an attack for higher stagger damage on chance.

The Bottom Line

The Nameless Puppet may occur in the last stages of the game; players can easily defeat him via a correct technique.

Even though the strategy and tactics to fight bosses depend upon the players, some weaknesses can assist in beating the Puppet.

The major Nameless Puppet weakness is the throwable items.

But they should also ocus on the movement, guard the enemies and hit and attack passively to emerge victorious.

Players will get the Nameless Puppet’s ergo after beating the enemy and earn the achievement of the First Puppet.

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