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Lies Of P Elemental Damage: Ways To Cure Them

Elemental damages are insanely serious damage to deal with your enemies in Lies of P.

If you compare two elements with the same weight, an Elemental weapon will almost do more damage than a purely physical one.

In Lies of P, elemental damage is a powerful strategy that can be used against any enemies vulnerable to a particular element. They come in various types, like fire, electricity(blitz), and acid; each has its own characteristics.

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What Is Elemental Damage In Lies Of P?

Elemental damage is a type of harm caused by elements, such as fire, electricity, and acid.

In Lies of P, certain weapons can deal with elemental damages.

Moreover, you can use any weapon with elemental damage if an enemy is vulnerable to a specific element.

For example, Puppets are weak to Blitz, and Carcasses are weak to Fire.

When facing tough bosses or challenging enemies, it is better to understand elemental weakness and choose the right weapon accordingly.

The suggested weapon combo to deal with elemental damage; fire is:

Salamander Dagger Blade paired with the Acid Crystal Blade Handle

This combo deals elemental damage, primarily fire damage, to enemies.

The Acid Crystal Handle offers advantages like the Single Stab Fable Art.

This provides a good range of combos despite being a dagger-type weapon.

It has high scaling in the Advance stat (A), which is less effective in Motivity and Technique(D), making it suitable for advanced builds.

However, you can adjust the blade parts to match other elemental attributes depending on the types of enemies.

lies of p stats
Lies of P stats

Additionally, the Salamander Dagger Blade has a special design that causes Ergo to generate Overheating.

Hence, this dagger is associated with fire and purification, created for a unique ritual related to Alchemist defectors.

Weapon Description Weapon Stats
Weapon partSalamander Dagger Blade
Type Dagger Blade
Fable ArtIgnite
ATK45 (Phys), 45 (Fire)
Chrg. Pulse Cells10.25
Fable Charge363
Weight 6.6
Attack TypeSlash, Stab
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How To Cure Elemental Damage In Lies Of P?

Here are some ways to cure elemental damage in Lies of P:

1. Elemental Resistance Gear

You can equip gear or armor to resist the specific elemental damage you face.

This gear has the ability to reduce the amount of damage taken from that element.

2. Healing Items

You can use therapeutic items like healing herbs, potions, or consumables to restore your health.

These items can help you recover from elemental damage over time.

3. Status Removal Items

Certain items can remove negative status effects caused by elemental damage.

For example, an antidote can remove poison caused by acid damage.

4. Avoidance

Try to avoid being hit by elemental attacks altogether.

Therefore, you can dodge, roll, or even use evasive maneuvers to minimize the damage taken.

5. Legion Arm Abilities

Some legion arms have abilities that can cure or resist elemental damage.

Moreover, you can use these abilities strategically when facing enemies with strong elemental attacks.

The Bottom Line

Elemental damage adds depth and strategy to combat in Lies of P by encouraging players to exploit enemy weakness.

Hence, using weapons that match an enemy’s weakness can make battles easier and more efficient.

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