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How To Purchase Item From Black Cat In Lies Of P?

In Lies of P, players can make a purchase from various NPCs, including the Black Cat.

The Black Cat is among the characters players can meet in the early game.

Players can buy the Ripped Venginni’s Krat Landmark III from Blackcat in Venigni Works. The book can be purchased for 500 Ergos in the first meeting with the character.

Continue reading to learn about the item and the cost players can purchase from the Cat in Lies of P.

Black Cat In Lies Of P

The Back Cat is among the notorious characters and stalkers in The Lies of P.

He is first seen with his sister, the Red Fox, in the Workshop Union Culvert.

Moreover, the Cat is an optional boss, so the player can kill or spare him while the game progresses.

Black Cat lies of p
Facing the Black Cat.

Before the storyline begins, the black CCat also acts as a vendor.

Players can buy a book called Ripped Venigni’s Krat Landmark III from the Cat.

Also, the book is banned, so players can be fined or receive severe punishment if they are found reading it.

Ripped Venigni’s Krat Landmark III

The Ripped Venginni’s Krat Landmark III book is one of the many collectible items in Lies Of P.

There are eight other total collectible items, excluding books such as key items, records and pictures.

Players can find the book in different locations, which can help them progress through missions, thanks to its extensive information.

Moonlight Tower Guide, Guillaume Ballas and Venginni’s Krat Landmark I are some other books players can extract.

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Purchasing The Book From Black Cat In Lies Of P

If players are willing to buy Ripped Venginni’s Krat Landmark III book from Black Cat, follow the Procedure;

 1. Visit The Workshop Union Culvert

Players should visit the Workshop Union Culvert, accessed from the Workshop Union Entrance.

Further, players should visit Venigni Works to meet the Red Fox and Black Cat.

2. Approach Black Cat

Initially, players cannot interact with the Black Cat, so players should approach their sister to begin the conversation.

Then, the siblings will gradually converse about the Krat, Venigni and other topics, so try to hold up for a while.

After the first piece of dialogue ends, go close to the Black cat and talk with him.

Ripped Venginni's Krat Landmark III
Talk with Black Cat in Venigni works.

3. Buy The Book

After players approach the Black Cat, he will tell them about the book’s background, where Medoro is the actual writer.

However, Veningni is the publisher and the finisher of the Ripped Venginni’s Krat Landmark III. 

Gradually building up the conversation, he will offer players the book for 500 Ergos. 

Players can either purchase the book or reject the offer.

lies of p black cat purchase
Purchase the book from Black Cat.

After purchasing the book, players can see the hidden message in the book.

The Bottom Line

Players can only purchase one collectible item, i.e., the Book from Black Cat.

Moreover, players must spend 500 Ergos to buy the book and head to the Venigni works.

The book is restricted to read and contains secret contents about the Rose Estate and Red Lobster Inn.

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