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How to Defeat Jester Puppet In Lies Of P?

Many players are having trouble beating the Jester Puppet in Lies Of P.

Players can come across the potent creatures that the mid-game.

The Jester Puppet can be seen in the Lorenzini Arcade, hiding behind the Wooden Jar Of Wine. Players should have a great build, equip powerful weapons, attach strong Legion Arms and Amulets, play passive, use fire and radiant abilities and lastly carry enough throwables.

Continue reading about the Jester puppet, its location and the tactics to beat the enemy easily.

Jester Puppet: Overview

Jester is quite possibly the most-toughest mini-boss due to its exclusive set of abilities.

Surprisingly, the boss is even stronger than many main mosses in the game.

Players can find the enemy in the Lorenzini Arcade, a labyrinth shopping mall which is the starting point of the seventh chapter.

However, before reaching the enemy’s location, players must complete a set of events and defeat enemies in the progression.

How To Find Jester Puppet In Lies Of P?

To search for the Jester Puppet to get into a battle, follow the given procedures;

1. Visit The Hotel Of Krat

Initially, players need to head to the Hotel Of Krat in Krat City and Meet Venigni.

Start conversing with Venigni and choose the Decipher the Cryptic Vessel and Hand Over The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel option.

After receiving a Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Decryption that assists in the next adventure, use the Stargazer to move forward to chapter 7.

2. Find The Lorenzini Arcade

If players start with the Opera House, follow the stairs path and defeat enemies until they find the Lorenzini Arcade.

Lorenzini Arcade
Enter the Lorenzini Arcade.

3. Beat The Puppets

After entering the Arcade, players should beat all the puppets on the way including the rooms.

Players should explore the area unless they see a bar-like area and a corridor along the stairs further blue decay.

If players are across the winery, the Jester Puppet will be hiding behind one of the wooden jars 0f wine.

lies of p jester puppet
Jester hiding behind the jar of wines.
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Beating Lies Of P Jester Puppet

The Jester Puppet is the toughest boss to come against in the Lorenzini Arcade. Follow the procedure to beat him with ease;

1, Manage The Inventory

The most critical aspect before entering a fight should be a great build and inventory for the players. 

Players can go with any class including, Dexterity, Strength or Balance, however, the Strength class will be the best option.

Follow the given process to know the best weapons, amulets and legion arms to beat Jester Puppet;


If players are searching for an excellent motivity weapon, the Big Pipe Wrench head and Electrical Stick Head can be great options.

However, players should combine the weapons with the blades for a significant damage boost.

Great Sword of Fate and Booster Grave are also great options to equip it as a primary weapon.

Also, players should carry throwing objects, including Throwing cells and Electrical Blitz Cannister.

Legion Arms And Amulets

After selecting the Weapons, players should focus on Legion Arms and Amulets.

Puppet String and Fulminis can provide great value for the players in the attack.

Fulminis has higher stagger damage and electrical damage whereas the String combines with the technique.

Unlike other equipment, Amulets in Lies of P does not provide enough value for players in the battle.

So, players can choose Amulets including Conquering, Nameless Ones and Arm of God Amulets.

Otherwise, players can use any other Amulets unlocked before chapter 7.

2. Play Passive

Unlike other enemies, the Jester puppet will not launch an attack or rush the characters.

Players should be close to the enemy and wait for him to attack.

In addition, players should learn the Jester’s mechanism and attack pattern, which will grant players an upper hand in the battle.

lies of p jester puppet
Learn the attack pattern of enemy.

Further, stack a lot of electrical damage and use the best melee weapon.

3. Dodge And Attack

Players should continuously try to dodge the attack and deploy a hit in the chance.

Try to get the cover of walls and use the throwables from a bit far away as it will be a bit hard for the enemy to attack.

Players should use fire and radiant abilities if they have them in the inventory as the enemy is vulnerable to these abilities.

When the enemy is attacking the players stand their ground and guard the shots; if the enemy lands a shot, the Hp will suddenly decrease.

The Bottom Line

The Jester Puppet is definitely the powerful enemy in the Lorenzini Arcade and a stronger mini-boss in the Lies Of P.

To get full advantage over the Puppet in the battle, optimize the build, and carry stronger firepower.

As the enemy has quite a lot of Hp players should learn the attack pattern and launch an attack passively.

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