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Building The Best Team In Like A Dragon Gaiden

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, players must create their best team to conquer the Hell Team Rumble after unlocking the Coliseum.

Players can choose from 37 characters among the game’s various characters to form their perfect team.

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, players can recruit characters like KATSUWO, Yuji Nunokawa, Excellent Sujiya, Kamiyama, Mr. Masochist, Toru Higashi, Super Guard Machine, and Masaharu Kaito, etc. to form the best team.  A balanced team should have a healer, attacker, tank, and support.

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Characters For Forming The Team In the Coliseum

After unlocking the Coliseum, players can now participate in the Hell Team Rumble, which is the primary storyline in the game.

During the Hell Rumble, players can form their team, which is balanced and powerful to take down any enemy team.

Hell Team Rumble in Like a Dragon Glaiden
The player is about to start the Hell Team Rumble in Like a Dragon Glaiden.

Among the 37 characters inside the game, players can choose and unlock their desired character through several techniques. 

While embarking on the journey to the threatening Coliseum, players can witness the default characters provided to them.

These characters include Hammerhead, Businessman Taro, Hattori the Ninja, and Phoeniki, the well-balanced team.

However, players can recruit other characters to make their team more balanced and formidable.

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Process To Form The Best Team In Like A Dragon Gaiden

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, players can unlock several powerful characters to assist them during the Hell Rumble.

Similarly, players can only unlock the characters by following the desired methods to unlock the specific character.

There are three different methods to unlock the characters to form the best team in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

The primary method for unlocking the characters is through Requests via the Akame Network.

Similarly, players can unlock 11 characters through this method by completing requests that unleash these characters.

The second method for unlocking these characters is by going to the Recruiter NPCs in the Castle by following the map.

After visiting the Recruiter NPC, players can buy the fighters they want by paying the Recruiter NPC.

Each Recruiter NPC has around three to four fighters that you can buy. However, players can find only four of these Recruiter NPC.

Fighting As a team in Like a Dragon Glaiden
The player is fighting as a team to unlock other characters.

The last method to recruit the fighters is by beating them in Hell Rumble matches at Coliseum Fight.

Best Team In Like A Dragon Glaiden

Players should be considerate while forming the team to face the fierce battle in Hell Rumble during the Coliseium fight.

Similarly, players must have a balanced team to compete in the tournament and ensure victory against formidable opponents.

Players should focus on creating a team with a tank, attacker, healer, and support characters to have a well-balanced team.

The Best Tank And Defence

It is mandatory to have the best defense line for players in the chaotic battles of the Coliseum.

Players can opt for the classic tanks, such as Masaharu Kaito, an excellent brawler with high HP.

Also, players can choose Koji Shiranata as their tank, the leader of the White Knights gang, who has impressive durability.

Moreover, players can get Mr.Masocist as their tank to use his particular Heat skill as their defensive unit in their final team.

The Best Healer

Besides that, players should have a reliable healer to complete their team to provide health regen for the players during combat.

Katsuwo, the nimble rapper, might be the excellent choice for the healer as he can heal his allies through his “Raise the Roof” ability.

Moreover, players can also choose Toru Higashi since he is a frontline brawler with healing skills.

Thus, players can choose the optimal tank and healer to make them valuable assets during the Hell Team Rumble.

The Best Attacker And Team Composition

Players should choose the best character for the enhanced and versatile attacking to win during the Hell Team Rumble.

Excellent Sujiya is one of the most versatile and powerful attackers who assists players to clutch the game.

Also, Yuji Nnokawa is another fighter in the game that can fight enemies and provide the team’s defense.

Hence, for the best team composition, players can choose Excellent Sujiya as the attacker, Mr.Masocist for the tanking.

Completing Team in Like a Dragon Gaiden
A player is about to find their best team to compete in Hell Team Rumble.

Similarly, Masaharu Kaito for the Durable tanking ability, Katsuwo as the healer and Toru Higashi for additional tank and healing support.

Thus, with this well-balanced team composition, players can withstand the intense and fierce battle in the Coliseum.

The Bottom Line

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, players can triumph through the intense hell team rumble in the Coliseum with a balanced team.

Similarly, players can experiment with several players and their unique skills and abilities before enlisting them in their team.

Experiment with different team combinations and find the perfect team for you to partake in the fierce battle of Hell Team Rumble.

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