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Living Steel In Diablo 4: The Tortured Offering

The new season of Diablo 4, known as Season of Blood, has been released with a new questline and unique endgame bosses.

Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint, is an uber boss with whom you can fight in World Tier III and IV.

In Diablo 4 Season 2, players must collect Living steel to encounter the Galvanic Saint boss. It is a crafting material found in the Tortured Offering of the Helltide Chest.

Continue reading to learn more about Living Steel in Diablo 4.

Living Steel In Diablo 4

Living steel is a special boss material for players to come across Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint, boss in the game.

It’s forged in the Hall of pentant within the central dry steps to summon powerful enemy.

Living steel for summoning enemies in Diablo 4.
Living steel for summoning enemies in Diablo 4.

You require two living steel in World Tier III and five in World Tier IV to summon Grigoire.

Further, it is found in Helltide Chest from the Tortured Gift of Living Steel.

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Living Steel Locations: Helltide Farming Zones

The tortured offering of living steel appears in different locations in the game, especially during the Helltide events.

Also, you can get into a group of 4 to explore different regions on the map where there’s a cluster of events.

You can farm a hundred cinders quickly this way.

However, the location keeps changing from one part to another.

Best Way To Farm Aberrant Cinders are:

  • Find the zones that have really strong monsters.
  • You can find the chests in populated areas.
  • Also, look for zones that have high monster density.

These areas reward you with more cinders as you kill them.

Some of the locations where you can farm the helltide chests for living steel include:

1. Hawezar, Dismal Foothills

Hawezar is one of the five major regions in the Diablo 4. You can find living steel in the Dismal Foothills of Hawezar.

This map has different side quests that you can complete to access the helltide event.

Dismal Foothills in Hawezar map.
Dismal Foothills in Hawezar map.

During the event, you can defeat various enemies and open the helltide chest containing Living steel.

2. Scosglen, North Shore

Scosglen region is located in Sanctuary’s northeast.

The waypoint to North Shore in Scosglen is Marowen where you can complete A Briny Fate side quest.

Northshore map in Diablo 4.
Northshore map in Diablo 4.

The Helltide chests are located throughout the zone so you need to explore the region properly.

Further, the region has powerful enemies that you must defeat during the helltide-raising events.

3. Kehjistan

Living steel can be found in Kehjistan during the helltide events.

It is located in the Eastern continent of Sanctuary.

Map of Kehjistan in Diablo 4.
Map of Kehjistan in Diablo 4.

When you find the Tortured Offering of living steel chest, open it as soon as possible.

The chest is present for only a certain period of time during the helltide event.

How To Open The Tortured Gift Of Living Steel In Diablo 4?

Living steel is the tortured gift that you can get in the Helltide chest during the event.

Helltide is a regional event that occurs every 2 hours and 15 minutes and lasts for one hour.

Aberrant cinders are the in-game currency that is used to open the tortured gits and mystery chests during the helltide events.

You must kill various monsters during the helltide rises events to collect the aberrant cinders. 

The Tortured Gift of Living Steel costs around 300 Aberrant cinders.

living steel on the map
Living steel on the map.

Further, players must collect these cinders during the event to open the chest and collect the Living steel boss material.

The steel chest only appears on your map when you are near them.

Tortured gift of Living Steel require 300 ciders.
The tortured gift of Living Steel requires 300 ciders.

However, there is an Elite Guard present inside the bubble who guards the chest.

You must defeat him in the mini-boss fight to interact with the chest.

Additionally, there are nine mobs at once, and one elite appears every 5 minutes.

This mini-boss is pretty tough to fight. So, you can carry fire and lightning resistance weapons to defeat him.

After defeating them, you can interact with the chest and use the 300 cinders to get Living Steel.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, you need 300 cinders to open the hidden chests that contain 2-3 living steels.

Similarly, you can also use the living steel to get the season quest from the map just south of the town.

Hopefully, this article will help you to guide about the Living Steel in Diablo 4.

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