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A Grizzbolt Guide In Palworld: Why Is It Not Spawning?

Since the start of January 2024, many players have reported that the Pal called Grizzbolt is not spawning for them.

So they have speculated that this is caused by an unknown bug in the game’s backend.

But this is not the case because Grizzbolt was originally designed not to appear commonly in the game.

Continue reading this article to learn why Grizzbolt is now spawning in Palworld.

What Type Of Pal Is Grizzbolt?

In Palworld, Grizzbolt is an electric-type Pal that features at number 15 on the Paldeck.

Grizzbolt is the face of Palworld as it has been featured in various covers and trailers in the game.

Grizzbolt in Palworld
The in-game appearance of Grizzbolt in Palworld.

Specifically, it specializes in electric moves as it can learn 7 different electric-type moves.

Players can even mount Grizzbolt because of its utility skill, allowing them to save stamina.

Additionally, it can use a minigun during its mount phase, allowing secondary damage options.

Upon death, it can drop two items: Leather and an Electric Organ.

As for work suitability, it possesses the following stats:

  • Generating Electricity – 3 
  • Handiwork – 2
  • Transporting – 3
  • Lumbering – 2

These stats prove that Grizzbolt is one of the most versatile Pals in the game.

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Location Of Grizzbolt In Palworld

Grizzbolt is one of the rarest Pals in Palworld, meaning that it has very limited spawn spots.

Initially, players can find Grizzbolt in the early stages of the game for the boss fight.

But catching this Grizzbolt without exploiting a bug is impossible, as it was only meant for a boss fight.

Location of Grizzbolt
Pal Sanctuary is the spawn location for Grizzbolt.

Specifically, players can only find a Grizzbolt in Nature Preserve No. 1 at Palpagos Island(Pal Sanctuary).

However, guards in this area are focused on protecting these rare Pals, so players must be careful.

Many players have also reported that this Pal has a better spawn rate during the nighttime.

Also, players might have to revisit this location multiple times to encounter it as it is very rare.

Why Is Grizzbolt Not Spawning?

Many players are complaining about its spawn in Reddit and Steam discussion threads.

According to these players, Grizzbolt does not spawn at all even in their natural habitat.

But they must note that Grizzbolt is one of the rarest Pals in the game.

Hence, players might want to travel back and forth to their habitat for a chance to encounter one.

users discussing why grizzbolt is not spawning
Players discussing reasons why Grizzbolt is not spawning on YouTube comments.

Some players have reported it took them up to 45 minutes to spawn a Grizzbolt in the game.

Therefore, the rarity of this Pal in the game does not tie its spawn rate to any bugs.

How To Catch A Grizzbolt In Palworld?

Players must follow various steps to encounter and catch a Grizzbolt in Palworld. They are:

  1. Players must head to Nature Preserve 1 after crossing the large body of water.
  2. So it is suggested that players use a flying Pal to enhance fast travel.
  3. They must search around its spawn area until they encounter this Pal in the game.
  4. Upon finding one, players must weaken it using other Pals as its defensive stat is quite high.
    Attempting to capture Grizzbolkt
    Use high-rarity Pal Spheres multiple times to catch the Grizzbolt.
  5. Once its health is low, players must use high-rarity Pal Spheres like Mega or Giga Spheres to catch it.
  6. Players will have a higher catch rate if they bring a lot of Pal spheres.
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