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Naruto Storm Connections Online Not Working: Causes And Fixes

Naruto Storm Connection is an action-packed game with online ninja battles and different story modes.

However, players have reported that the Naruto Storm Connection Online is not working issue.

Naruto Storm Connection Online not working can be caused by out-of-date graphics drivers, poor internet connection and other causes. However, players can resolve this issue by checking the system requirements and internet connection and updating or reinstalling the game.

This article will discuss the cause and fixes of Naruto Storm Connections Online not working issue.

Why Is Naruto Storm Connection Online Not Working?

Naruto Storm Connection Online not working can be a frustrating experience for the players, mainly the veteran players.

There are many reasons that Naruto Storm Connections Online is not working, such as Poor internet connectivity, outdated drivers, and many more.

naruto storm connections online not working
Players’ game not working when trying to play it online.

Here are other causes for Naruto Storm Connections Online not working:

1. Corrupted Game File

The game will not work correctly if corrupted or incomplete game files exist.

If specific essential files are damaged or missing, the game will have problems working.

Additionally, connection problems like connectivity issues, slow internet or unstable internet can also be the primary reason for this issue.

2. Insufficient System Resources

Running the game on the system with insufficient resources might cause lags and not even open correctly.

Mainly, it extended the loading time of the game.

3. In-Game Cache Issues

The game’s temporary files or accumulated caches can sometimes stop working correctly.

It increases the legginess of the game due to the massive amount of files and caches.

4. Software Problem

Direct x or  Visual C++ Redistributables are the leading software that needs to be installed in your system to render the game

Therefore, conflict between them can also cause the game to malfunction and ultimately fail.

5. Third Party Program Interference

Some third-party applications, such as antivirus or overlay programs like buff, might also create lags and crash the game frequently.

Hence, these are some causes for the game not to work and reduce the gaming experience for the players. However, players can use different solutions to resolve this issue.

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How To Fix Naruto Storm Connection Online Not Working?

To Fix the Narito Storm Connections Online Not working issue, you first must ensure that your system meets the game’s requirements.

Then check your internet connection if you are having the problem online.

Furthermore, here are a few other solutions you can try to fix this issue:

1. Check The System Requirement

You need to ensure that the system meets the Naruto Storm Connections Requirement.

If you do not have the required hardware, the game might not work correctly, leading to performance issues and crashes.

To know the game requirements, you can visit the game’s website and navigate to the minimum system requirements for the game. 

2. Verify The Game

Verifying the game ensures that the game is installed correctly and there are no corrupted files.

Therefore, this process will also protect the integrity of the game.

To verify the game, the player needs to open Steam, go to a game property and select the Verify Integrity of the files.

naruto storm connections online not working
Players verify the integrity of the game on the steam.

3. Disable The Background Application

Disabling the background app is the excellent way to free up system resources.

Running many applications can cause them to compete for resources and crash the game.

To disable the background app, open the task manager, and close all the applications.

4. Check Internet Connection

A good internet connection is a must, while the game must do online verification or have the online feature.

The game might crash if the connection is lost or unstable during gameplay.

You can ensure a stable internet connection by restarting the router or using the ethernet connection for stability.

5. Update The Game

To solve this issue, ensure that the game is up to date and has the latest bug fixes and improvements. 

The developer often releases the patches of the games to improve the gameplay experiences.

Furthermore, you can update the game by launching Steam, check for the update and download and install the patch if available.

6. Reinstall The Game

If nothing works, you can reinstall the game, resolving the issues if the game’s file is corrupted or missing.

The game is started like a fresh new one, reducing the potential problems.

You can uninstall the game through the Control Panel or Steam.

Then download the latest version of the game and install it.

The Bottom Line

Naruto Storm Connection Online not working is the frustrating issue players have been facing recently.

Furthermore, it can be caused due to poor internet connection or outdated drivers.

However, players can fix this issue by checking and improving the internet connection and ensuring the system meets the game’s requirements.

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