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Zoe Quinn And Chris Kindred Allegations: Sweet Baby Inc Employees

A controversy about Sweet Baby Inc. regarding its employees, Chris Kindred and Zoe Quinn, is surfacing online.

Sweet Baby Inc. is famous for developing games and is a consultation studio based in Montreal.

People are talking about the company’s involvement in various gaming projects and the actions of its employees.

Continue reading to learn more about the reaction of Zoe Quin and Chris Kindred of Sweet Baby Inc.

Chris Kindred’s Involvement In Curator Controversy

The controversy started from the curated list that tracks the game Sweet Baby Inc. has been involved in.

The curated list’s main purpose is to inform customers who may wish to make informed decisions about the games that are based on the company.

Similarly, the curated list helps gamers decide if they want to support games made with Sweet Baby’s help.

Sweet Baby Inc Employees zoe quinn and Chris Kindred controversy
Sweet Baby Inc. was founded in 2018 and has designed many games.

The reaction from some of the employees of Sweet Baby Inc. was inappropriate, with allegations of mass flagging and public shaming.

Chris Kindred, an employee of Sweet Baby Inc., has been accused of advocating for the mass flagging of the curator.

Moreover, Chris Kindred is involved in activities like publicly shaming the list creators.

This response has drawn criticism in several communities for its lack of professionalism, considering the status of Sweet Baby Inc.

Zoe Quinn And Maya Kramer: Employees Involvement In Gamergate Controversy

The curator controversy has reignited discussions about the involvement of employees in the Gamergate controversy.

Some employees have raised questions about their motivations in the current situation, linking them to several allegations.

There are particularly two names that are at the top of the list in this controversy: Zoe Quinn and Maya Kramer.

Most gamers think that the recent event is somewhat similar to the Gamergate thing.

Zoe Quinn Chris Kindred, Sweet Baby Inc
The Sweet Baby Inc. also provides services related to writing, narrative, representation, and development.

Maya Kramer, also known as Legobutts, is famous for her involvement in other gaming controversies as well.

Many observers are questioning the ethics and professionalism of these employees and are curious about what they have to say.

However, Legobutt’s insight into the dynamics of the industry might provide valuable context to understand the situation.

Sweet Baby Inc. Employees: Ethics And Professionalism 

These kinds of controversies related to Sweet Baby Inc. raise questions regarding the company’s ethics and professionalism.

Ethics and professionalism are the foundation of any company in the gaming industry, and everyone should follow them.

Criticism and feedback are essential for the general improvement of the working mechanisms of the company.

However, how the employees of the company respond to such feedback is equally important.

The company should not only focus on making cool games but also be honest and treat their consumers well.

Customers are not happy about how Sweet Baby Inc. employees handle this kind of feedback and are questioning their approach.

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