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Explore The Details Of Character Change In Lords Of The Fallen

In some instances, you might want to change your character in Lords of the Fallen.

Or, you may want to change your character’s appearance or even their starting class.

So, if you’re wondering about the details of character customization and many more look no further.

Although you can customize your character based on appearance and class, you cannot change these in your character further in the game Lords of the Fallen. However, you can Respec your character through the Rebirth Chrysalis.

This article details the processes of character change on appearance and class.

Character Customization In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is the new installment of another soulslike action role-playing game.

In addition, the game features intense battles and a fitting storyline for players to follow.

When you first start in the game, you can customize many character elements.

From your head to your body type, you can create a character according to your personal preference.

Here is a list of character customization options in Lords of the Fallen.

HeadSkin ColorBodyClass
Eye color
Facial Hair
-Body Type
Body Shape
Hallowed Knight
Udirangr Warwolf
Mournstead Infantry
Exiled Stalker
Blackfeather Ranger
Irian Preacher
Price Cultist
Dark Crusader

In addition, there are ten classes to choose from in Lords of the Fallen.

Every class in the game offers its own unique variety of armor and stats for the player.

classes lords of the fallen
There are ten different classes in Lords of the Fallen.

Additionally, you can choose all the classes as the starting class except for Dark Crusader.

However, Dark Crusader can be unlocked if you pay for the game’s deluxe edition.

Otherwise, the class Dark Crusader is unlockable as you grow further in the game.

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Can You Change Your Character’s Starting Class?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the character’s starting class change in Lords of the Fallen.

However, the starting class of your character cannot change in the middle of the playthrough.

Also, the starting class cannot change at any point in the playthrough of Lords of the Fallen.

Therefore, if you want to change your character’s class, you must start the game from the beginning.

Therefore, you must choose the starting class of your character very wisely by considering every class.

Hallowed Knight is the best starting class if it is your first time playing Lords of the Fallen or any soulslike games.

However, it is a personal preference, as you must choose your character’s class according to your playstyle.

Can You Change Your Character’s Appearance?

The character’s appearance customization option is limited in Lords of the Fallen.

As mentioned above, you can create your character and customize it at the very start of the game.

However, no in-game options exist to customize further or change your character’s appearance.

So, you must be careful about the appearance while creating your character at the initial phase of the game.

One Reddit user explained their frustration related to Lords of the Fallen character customization.

Reddit Lords of the fallen change character
A Reddit user explaining their frustration with character customization in Lords of the Fallen.

Others have also been vocal about the user interface of the character not being up to the mark.

Having said that, you can change the color and appearance of your character’s armor in the game.

To change the armor color, go to the Armor Tincts tab which is present after the journal.

There, you can change the color of the selected part of the whole piece of armor piece.

How To Respec Your Character?

Although character customization options are limited, one thing you can do is respond to your character.

Respec is short for Re-specialization which means building the stats and skill tree of the character.

In addition, Respec is a term useful in gaming, which basically means changing your character’s specialization.

To be able to Respec your character, you will need a special item, Rebirth Chrysalis.

Here is a breakdown of the steps to Respec your character.

  1. You can buy the first Rebirth Chrysalis at Molhu in Skyrest.
Rebirth Chrysalis change character Lords of the Fallen
Rebirth Chrysalis is useful to Respec your character in Lords of the Fallen.
  1. Interact with Molhu and click on the Purchase option.
Molhu Lords of the Fallen
Molhu can provide you with the Rebirth Chrysalis to Respec your character.
  1. After acquiring the Rebirth, Chrysalis goes to Pieta.
  2. Interact with Pieta and click on Reset Build.
Pieta helps to Respec your character after giving the Rebirth Chrysalis.
  1. The Rebirth Chrysalis will cost only once you confirm your re-build.

With these simple steps, you can change your character’s stats according to your preference.

The Bottom Line

Lords of the Fallen is an all-new soulslike action role-playing game with an interesting backstory.

You can greatly customize your character from appearance to the starting class at the initial phase of the game.

However, when you go further in the game character appearance and class cannot be changed.

Therefore, go ahead and find your Rebirth Chrydalis through Molhu to re-specialize your character.

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