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Cheese Pieta In Lords Of The Fallen: Win Both First and Second Phase

Players are curious to find out methods of how they can cheese Pieta in The Lords of the Fallen Games.

Though the first encounter with Pieta is intimidating for many players, you can defeat her accurate reflexes and patience.

To cheese Pieta in the Lords of the Fallen, you must dodge the Radiant Sword Shower attack when Pieta summons the Radinat version and Radiant Knights. You must also evade the light sword attack and play defensively. 

Further, consider using magic and ranged fire-based attacks. Besides using the umbral lamp’s Soulflay ability to damage Pieta’s soul, etc.

Continue reading to find more about ways to cheese Pieta both in the first and second phases of the battle.

Who Is Pieta In Lords Of The Fallen?

Pieta, She of Blesed Renewal, is an angel of wrath who is the first main boss you will encounter after passing through Redcopse.

You will encounter Pieta blocking the Skyrest Bridge entrance after defeating Lightrepaer.

Tips to fight against Pieta
Pieta, She of Blesed Renewal is the first main boss you will encounter after passing through Redcopse.

Eventhough Pieta is the first main boss the game throws at you, don’t mistake underestimating her as she is far from an easy opponent.

1. Pieta Skills Set In Lords Of The Fallen

Furthermore, Pieta Cheese uses heavy strikes and summons with highly telegraphed moves.

However, you can win if you dodge her attacks when she hits you like a truck.

Thus, you can prepare for the stricter boss fight to come to Cheese Pieta; being the first boss will set the bar higher for you to win.

Likewise, it will help you to sharpen your reflexes and patience while providing insight into what to expect further in the game.

2. Two Battle Phases Of Pieta 

  • In the first phase, she engages in regular combat while walking around.
  • In the second phase, she grows wings and begins casting powerful Radiance spells and summoning phantoms.
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Tips To Beat Or Cheese Pieta In Lords Of The Fallen

  • Stick close to Pieta to avoid her ranged attacks, especially in the second phase.
  • Use fire-based attacks to continue dealing damage even when Pieta is not nearby.
  • In the second phase, maintain a steady pace of closing the distance and attacking to bait out basic attacks for parrying.
  • Remember to attack after parrying or blocking to recover your withered health.
  • Utilize the umbral lamp’s Soulflay ability to damage Pieta’s soul, but be cautious as it can reduce your health.
  • If you’re struggling, consider summoning the Iron Wayfarer at the boss arena entrance for assistance.

How To Defeat Pieta In The First Phase?

So, here’s how to beat the Pieta boss so you can enter Skyrest Bridge in the first phase.

Straight line sword beam atack first phase
                                     Pieta will slash with her sword and fire a fast beam of light.

Strategies To Win Against Pieta In The First Phase

  • Pieta will attack from the ground in her first phase.
  • Her most dangerous attack in Phase 1 is her sword beam.
  • She’ll walk toward her target slowly, and when close, she’ll slash with her sword and fire a fast beam of light.
  • Furthermore, these slashes cover a long, wide arc, but you can parry them.
  • She gets ready to dodge right or left when she raises her sword.
  • The best way to beat Pieta’s first phase is to parry these predictable swings until she staggers, hit her with a Grevious Strike, then repeat.
  • You can also speed things up by applying salts to your weapon for extra damage or by bringing a fire weapon like the Raw Mangler Axe.

How To Defeat Pieta In The Second Phase?

In the second phase, Pieta again raises her sword and attacks you from the ground, just like in phase one, creating an AOE explosion.

But this time, she will have her wings and plenty of new attacks to her comparatively much stronger arsenal.

Strategies To Win Against Pieta In The Second Phase:

To begin, she will fly down the center of the arena and leave fatal swords of light in her wake.

However, if Iron Wanderer is with you, he will take the damage of her attack and eventually die.

Pieta wings in second phase
Pieta again raises her sword and attacks you from the ground, just like in phase one, creating an AOE explosion.

Fortunately, here are a few ways to cheese Pieta in her second phase.

1. Avoid Radiant Sword Shower Attacks

Pieta initiates her Radiant sword shower attack by heading to the back of the arena and flying in a straight line.

The attack has a lengthy windup, so gain advantage of the time to move to either side of the arena to avoid the incoming swords.

2. Avoid Pieta’s Summoning Radinat version

In the second phase, Pieta will stick pretty close to you, but she will retreat at a point to summon two Radiant phantom versions of herself to mimic her attacks.

You must position yourself in a clear lane when Pieta summons her Radiant versions, as they will perform the sword shower attack.

Subsequently, faces Pieta to prepare for her upcoming attacks.

3. Dodge The Pieta’s Summoning Radiant Knights

Pieta can also summon Radiant knights who perform slam attacks and release homing bolts.

Quick dodging is essential to avoid substantial damage from these attacks.

4. Evade The Light Swords Attack

Pieta will repeat her light sword attack from the start of the phase, but this time, her two Radiant phantoms execute it.

You must foresee this attack as Pieta disengages and flies to the far end of the arena.

Avoid the incoming light swords and remember to position yourself in the center to move to the lane that phantoms do not choose easily.

5. Bypass The Homing Bolts Attack

Pieta launches two bolts of light into the ground, which will track you after a short delay.

Hence, you must wait until they approach you, then perform a timely dodge to evade the bolts effectively.

6. Decide Your Attack Timing Precisely

You must avoid attacking Pieta during her summoning attacks or when she’s in a melee combo.

Focus on dealing with damage after she completes her combo.

The best openings for attacks are after she slams the ground or performs a dashing grab attack.

7. Contemplate Using Magic and Ranged Attacks

Magic and ranged attacks can help chip away at Pieta’s health.

Hence, use them when the Iron Wayfarer has Pieta’s attention, as she can close gaps quickly.

8. Play Defensively To Cheese Pieta

Adopt a defensive approach and capitalize on Pieta’s openings to wear down her health gradually.

In this way, you can cheese pieta in Lords of Fallen’s first and second phases.

The Bottom Line

Furthermore, after you cheese or defeat Pieta, you’ll gain access to Skyrest, indicating your entrance to the game’s main hub.

The player’s victory against Pieta will sharpen their reflexes and will prepare them for the upcoming boss fights.

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