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Unlock Skins In The New Fall Guys Jungle Fame Pass

Players are curious about the skins available in the new Fall Guys Jungle Fame pass.

The Jungle Fame Pass is the first fame pass released by the Fall Guys in 2024 with 160 tiers.

The new Jungle Fame Pass revolves around a jungle aesthetic, bringing a fresh and lively vibe to the Fall Guys universe. Furthermore, players must grind through each tier and reach up to 160 tiers to unlock the legendary Golden Growl lion skin.

Continue reading to find out more about the new Fall Guys Jungle Fame Pass.

What Is The New Fall Guys Jungle Fame Pass?

The Fall Guys introduces its first new jungle fame pass in 2024 with exciting features and fun jungle-themed skins.

Fall Guys Jungle fame pass
There are up to 160 tiers in the Jungle Fame pass that give you skins and cosmetics after completion.

Players look forward to obtaining fall guys new Season 2024 to wear various animal-themed skins in Fall Guys.

In addition, Fame Pass is a special reward system where you can unlock cool stuff for your character by playing the game.

Likewise, it’s a bit like a treasure hunt where you collect points called fame.

Earn Fame Points To Increase Tiers

The Fame Pass in the Fall Guys is similar to a battle pass, which is a reward system based on tiers.

Players can earn fame points by playing matches, completing challenges, or achieving certain milestones.

As they accumulate fame points, they progress through the tiers of the Fame Pass.

There are a total of 160 tiers that you must progress through in the Jungle Fame Pass.

Hence, this unlocks various cosmetic items, skins, celebrations, and other customization options for their Fall Guys characters.

Unlock Various Skins In Jungle Fame Pass

In the Jungle Fame Pass, you can unlock premium-tier rewards and fast-track 12 ties.

Furthermore, you can also obtain Gorilla A-Peel as your instant reward in this Fame pass.

Similarly, you can unlock Majestic Roar and Snakey Snack after playing the game using the Jungle Fame Pass.

There are various skins that players can obtain by progressing through tiers in the Jungle Fame Pass.

1. Skins At Low Tier Of The Fame Pass

The first skin of the Jungle Fame Pass is the Gorilla A-Peel which has purple Gorilla skin.

The next skin of the fame pass is the Snake skin pattern, which has a blue scale over white skin.

Another fun skin of the fame pass is the No Monkey Business which is a rare celebration skin in Fall Guys.

You can also get the common piggy snout costume, croc tail, snakey snack, and rare gentle Giraffey costume in the fame pass.

2. Rare And Legendary Skins In Jungle Fame Pass

There are other rare skins, like the Purrfectly Fierce costume, which is a costume with Tiger skin.

Masterful Morpher is also one of the rare costumes, which is the skin of the Chameleon.

The best aspect of this skin is that it can blend and change colors according to the color you equip in the game.

Tiger skin
Reach level 70 to unlock the white tiger screen in the jungle fame pass.

When you reach level 40 of the fame pass, you can unlock the legendary skin which is the Majestic Roar, the costume of a Lion.

As you progress the levels, you will unlock the Plucky Primate skin at level 55.

At level 70, you can unlock the skin of a white tiger, Willful Whiskers, which is one of the rare skins in the fame pass.

3. Unlock Golden Growl Legendary Skin

When you finally reach level 100, you can obtain a legendary proud paws costume which is the skin of a pastel color lion.

At level 115, you can obtain Banana Sprinkles epic costume whereas you can obtain Noodle Noms rare costume at level 130.

Golden Growl in Fall Guys Fame pass
Reach tier 160 of the Jungle fame pass to unlock the legendary Golden Growl skin in Fall Guys.

When you reach level 145 of the Jungle Fame pass, you can unlock a rare Feline fancy costume.

Feline Fancy is the unique skin of a tiger with gold stripes.

Finally, when you reach the last level 160 of the Jungle Fame pass, you can unlock the Legendary Growl costume which is a golden lion.

Hence, Golden Growl is the final tier skin of the Jungle fame pass in Fall Guys.

The Bottom Line

In Fall Guys New Season 2024, players can unleash the potential of fame pass and acquire some intriguing skins.

Similarly, players must progress through the tiers of jungle fame pass to unlock rare and legendary cosmetics.

So, embrace the jungle theme skin and make the most out of your Fall Guys New Season adventure.

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