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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Reset Stats?

Lords of the Fallen is a role-playing action game developed by Hexworks where players can use both melee and magic attacks.

Players have to use stats as needed so resetting stats can increase your progress efficiently.

Similarly, some challenges, like defeating bosses, might be hard for you to complete.

In order to reset your stats, you need a Rebirth Chrysalis, interact with Pieta at Skyrest Bridge, and choose stats according to your preference.

This article discusses resetting stats, its requirements, and ways to find Rebirth Chrysalis in Lords of the Fallen.

Introduction To Stats In Lords Of The Fallen

Stats are the number that represents a player’s skills or abilities.

Similarly, players can spend Vigor to upgrade, it will boost your character’s skills and overpower your character.

Basically, there are a total of 6 stats in LotF, and they are:

  • Strength: It increases physical attack and enables players to wield heavy weapons.
  • Agility: It increases light weapon damage and ranged weapon damage.
  • Vitality: It increases the player’s health bar and increases some resistance.
  • Radiance: Similarly, it increases Mana and Radiance spell damage and allows players to equip stronger radiance catalysts.
  • Inferno: It increases mana and damage of Inferno Spells. Likewise, it allows players to wield stronger Inferno Catalysts.
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How To Reset Stats In Lords Of The Fallen?

Trying new stats and changing according to the requirement is a great strategy to progress in the game.

Therefore, you must acquire Rebirth Chrysalis to reset the stats and interact with Pieta.

1. Get Rebirth Chrysalis

Firstly, you have to acquire Rebirth Chrysalis to start the process of resetting stats in Lords of the Fallen.

Rebirth Chrysalis is an essential quest item for resetting character stats.

It is an upgrade material that you can use to increase the level and strengthen the stats of different items, shields, armor, and weapons.

Rebirth Chrysalis to reset stats in Lords of the Fallen
This is Rebirth Chrysalis which is essential for you to reset your stats in Lords of the Fallen.

Similarly, it is silver in color and is shaped like a cocoon, and its structure is like the head of the Grim Reaper.

Likewise, its lower body or tail-like structure is like that of a wasp, however, it is hard to find and purchase but worth purchasing.

It is one of the most important and progression-changing items primarily used to reset the player’s stats.

Where Can You Find Rebirth Chrysalis In LotF?

Firstly, it is very hard to obtain since it is valuable for the players.

Similarly, You have to grind to get Rebirth Chrysalis, but there are many different ways to obtain it.

Some of the locations and ways to obtain it are:

  1. You can purchase from Molhu (Merchant) at Skyrest Bridge costing 8,000 Vigor.
  2. Similarly, you can also purchase from Winterberry at Revelation for 8,000 Vigor.
  3. Likewise, you can find it by looting the chest located in the Jail Cell.
  4. You can get it from Fief of the Chill Curse, you have to grab the ladder down and get out from the hole.
  5. After that, you have to head down to the wooden bridge, and you need to head to the wall to soulflay then you will get 1 Rebirth Chrysalis.
Skyrest bridge of Lords of the Fallen for stats reset
This is Skyrest Bridge where you can find Molhu and Pieta to reset stats.

Similarly, you can check Molhu at Skyrest if you have 8,000 Vigor because you can find it there more commonly than elsewhere.

If you can purchase, then it will be efficient for you to reset the stats.

Likewise, you can go with other options if you don’t have 8,000 Vigor.

Although it will be hard to find you will get it if you follow the steps carefully.

2. Interact With Pieta

Secondly, you must interact with Pieta, an NPC and boss in Lords of the Fallen.

Likewise, you can reset your stats by following the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to Skyrest Bridge where you can explore a vast interconnected world.
    Players can interact in shops and do their upgrades.
  2. After that, you will find Pieta as a merchant if you defeat her as a colossal boss.
  3. When you interact with merchant Pieta, she will allow you to respec stats costing a Rebirth Chrysalis.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, you must acquire Rebirth Chrysalis to reset the stats.

You can find Rebirth Chrysalis by following the ways mentioned above.

Moreover, you will benefit greatly if you change your stats according to your preference.

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