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What Is The Duplication Glitch In Lords Of The Fallen?

The Duplication Glitch is one of the few glitches in Lords Of The Fallen that actually allows players to progress instead of holding them back.

This Glitch has overtaken the online gaming community as everyone actively exploits it.

The Duplication Glitch is a recently discovered issue in the game Lord of the Fallen that players are taking advantage of to duplicate items or resources in bulk.

Continue reading this article to learn more about this duplication glitch.

Duplication Glitch In Lords Of The Fallen

As the name suggests, the duplication glitch allows players to duplicate any item in the Lords of the Fallen.

This will not only allow players to get a hold of rare game items but also help them to farm effectively.

Duplicated items In Lords of The Fallen
Duplicated items in Lords of The Fallen.

But, this glitch is not unique since similar glitches have occurred in many soulslike games in the past.

The general idea is to exploit the save and load state of the game over and over again.

Moreover, this method functions without corrupting the game files.

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Prerequisites To Perform Duplication Glitch

Although the duplication glitch might sound fun, it is a time-consuming process in Lords Of The Fallen.

In fact, it is very confusing as it requires lots of steps to execute it effectively.

So without further ado, let us explain all the steps of the duplication glitch below:

  1. Players must have a friend with them in the lobby for this glitch to work successfully.
  2. First, ensure you have equipped all items you want to duplicate in your inventory.
  3. Secondly, drop the item in the ground that you want to duplicate.
  4. After this, go to the main menu on Xbox/Playstation and open up the game options.
  5. Then, manually upload your game data by clicking on the Upload/Download save data.
    Main Menu Options To Perform Duplication Glitch
    Main Menu Options to perform the Duplication Glitch.
  6. Go back into the game, walk over a beacon and interact with it.
  7. Furthermore, pick the multiplayer option and click on the beckon your friend option.
  8. This will initiate the first sequence of the duplication glitch.
  9. When you summon your friend, they’ll instantly spot the item you had dropped earlier.
  10. In fact, they can pick up all the items that you have dropped and tell them to do exactly that.
  11. Now, go to the main menu on your console once again and click the  Upload/Download save data.
  12. But this time, download the data that was previously uploaded by you.
  13. This will bring you to the state where you still possess all of your original items.
  14. On the other hand, your friends will still possess all the dropped items.
  15. Ask them to drop off those items so that they can pick it up.
    Dropping Items To Perform Duplication Glitch
    Dropping items to perform Duplication Glitch.
  16. This means that players can acquire the duplicate items their friends picked.
  17. Also, players will still hold the original items, meaning that particular item just doubles in quantity.
  18. Note that repeating this process will multiply the item quantity in the power of 2.
  19. For example first time 2, second time 4, third time 8 and so on.
  20. But although this method ensures the multiplication of items, this might take quite a while.

Can You Do Duplication Glitch Without Getting Banned?

Yes, you can perform the duplication glitch without facing a ban.

This is because players are unaware of the glitches when purchasing the game.

Also, glitches appear in the game without the developer’s knowledge.

Additionally, players alert the developers about these glitches in the first place.

Therefore, rest assured and exploit this mechanic while you still can.

In summary, glitches are problems that emerge from the game’s code and are typically the result of developers’ oversights.

The Bottom Line

The duplication glitch has become one of the fastest ways to farm for resources in the game.

There is currently no information available about when this glitch will be fixed. Hence, players are exploiting this mechanic.

But this glitch is expected to be resolved in the upcoming update.

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