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Explore The Radiance Weapons In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing game where players take on the role of a warrior battling through hostile environments.

During battles, players can develop their character’s strength, agility, magic attacks, and magic defense abilities.

The radiance weapons in Lords of the Fallen are magical arms that scale with the Radiance attribute, offering various bonuses and effects as the attribute increases, making them a valuable choice for spellcasting builds throughout the game.

This article focuses on one type of magic in the game Radiance Weapons, its attributes, and the weapons that utilize this power.

What Is Radiance In Lords Of The Fallen?

Radiance is one of two main magic attributes or stats players can develop.

It governs radiant spells, which offer healing effects, boost abilities, and damage over time.

Increasing the Radiance attribute enlarges a character’s mana pool, allowing for more spellcasting.

Similarly, it strengthens their resistance against harmful status conditions.

You may require higher Radiance to wield specialized radiant weapons and armor.

radiance lords of the fallen
Increasing the Radiance attribute enlarges a character’s mana pool, allowing for more spellcasting.

Types of Radiance Weapons

There are a variety of melee and ranged weapons scale based on a character’s Radiance level.

Common melee options are maces, swords, and hammers that deal bonus radiant damage.

Ranged weapons like bows or crossbows can also benefit.

Different classes inflict unique magic damage types such as holy, fiery, or shadow effects.

As Radiance rises, these bonuses increase to boost offense.

radiance weapon
Different classes inflict unique magic damage types such as holy, fiery, or shadow effects.

1. Early Game Options

Starting items suitable for low-level players include the Orian Preacher‘s Hammer.

Its damage increases with both Strength and Radiance attributes.

However, other introductory weapons found in starting areas have minimal magic requirements.

2. Mid And Late-Game Arms

Deeper into the game, more powerful arms appear. One weapon applies a healing effect and holy damage with each strike.

Another weapon a notable character owns deals massive mace blows but demands high magic prowess.

Moreover, the strongest radiant arm available near the end of the game inflicts enormous holy damage with each attack.

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Radiance Weapons In Lords Of The Fallen

Here are the types of radiance weapons you’ll find in the Lords of the Fallen:

1. Orian Preacher’s Hammer

Here are some facts about Orian Preacher’s hammer:

  • It is the starting weapon available to the Orian Preacher class.
  • It has balanced Strength and Radiance scaling for early-game.
  • It can be used effectively until mid-game.

2. Pieta’s Sword

Here are some facts about Pieta’s Sword:

  • It is found by defeating a late-game boss named Molhu.
  • It deals great holy damage and applies a healing Smite effect.
  • Also, it requires 25 Radiance to wield but is very powerful.
pieta sword lords of the fallen
Pieta’s Sword is found by defeating a late-game boss named Molhu.

3. Exacter Dunmire’s Cane

Here are some facts about Exacter Dunmire’s Cane:

  • It is a mace owned by a character in Skyrest Bridge.
  • It has massive Radiance scaling but demands high magic levels.
  • It is a powerful weapon for spellcaster builds late in the game.

4. Hammer Of Holy Agony

Here are some facts about Hammer of Holy Agony:

  • This weapon is crafted from materials dropped by end-game bosses.
  • This has the highest physical damage of all Radiance weapons.
  • It is best reserved for character maximizing Radiance stat.

Maximizing Radiance 

Players must focus on increasing their Radiance attribute through skill point allocation to get the most from radiant arms.

Magical gear and accessories with bonus Radiance attributes further boost its effects.

However, the Orian Preacher class naturally has a high starting Radiance for a more accessible early game.

The Bottom Line

In summary, radiant weapons offer magic damage throughout Lords of the Fallen that scales up as Radiance rises.

From beginning options to end-game arms, they complement spellcasting builds well.

With diligent Radiance development, characters unlock stronger magical arms and abilities throughout their adventure.

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