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Fixes To Lords Of The Fallen Session No Longer Available

Many Lords of the Fallen players are currently facing the Session No Longer Available issue.

Due to this issue, players can’t enter the game or progress through.

To solve the Lords of the Fallen Session No Longer Available Issue problem, players should keep a session password and invite their friends, switch to a wired connection if possible, clear the alternate MAC address or restart the system.

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Lords Of The Fallen Session No Longer Available Issue

The Session No Longer Available problem is occurring on different platforms including Xbox and PlayStation.

Whenever users try to join their friends and play at the party while playing player vs player or co-op.

However, the issue no longer exists when players start a solo game or any ranked game.

As the game is still in the starting phase, there can be quite a few errors, some of which are solvable.

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Lords Of The Fallen Session No Longer Available Issue

If players are facing the Session No Longer Available in their consoles or platforms, follow the given procedures;

1. Get The New Patch

Lords of the Fallen officially launched on 13 October; however, it has already released Patch v.1.1.191 after various complaints from users.

Various problems including GPU crashes, driver issues and bugs are patched.

Hence, players along with their friends should opt for the latest patch and retry connecting their consoles.

2. Restart Lords Of The Fallen

After getting the latest update, players and their party members should restart the game.

lords of the fallen session no longer available
Restart Lord of the Fallen.

If the problem still occurs, they can try restarting their PlayStation or the Xbox.

3. Session Password

When the player and their friend restart their system, they should enter a session password in the settings at the same time.

Further, players can opt for the invitation by searching the profile or the control center.

Select the card or enter a request to join a team while using the PlayStation.

For the Xbox users, visit the Advanced settings under the Network settings.

In the Change settings, search and clear the Alternate MAC Address.

Players can also unplug the power cord from the console and reconnect it after a couple of minutes.

4. Internet Connection

The Session Is No Longer Available issue occurs mainly due to the Internet issue.

If one of the friend’s internet is unstable, the other player will also face the same issue.

To resolve the problem, players should look for a wired connection, restart their router or contact their ISP if they have a poor connection.

The Bottom Line

The Lords of the Fallen issue is limited to certain platforms including the PlayStation.

If the players are still unable to resolve the issue, contact technical support.

Moreover, the issue looks more like the controller and connectivity issue rather than the developer’s fault.

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