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Perform The Umbral Finisher In Lords Of The Fallen

There are several combat skills and moves that you can try in Lords of the Fallen to defeat enemies.

In Lords of the Fallen, an Umbral Finisher is one of the particular execution moves you can execute on enemies.

Umbral Finishers are highly effective for swiftly and efficiently defeating enemies. It is efficient, particularly when you’re outnumbered or confronting formidable adversaries.

This article discusses the Umbra finisher in Lords of the Fallen and how to perform it.

What Is Umbral Finisher?

In the challenging action role-playing game Lords of the Fallen, an Umbral Finisher is a special move.

It enables you to defeat an enemy in a single hit, regardless of their health or defense.

umbral finisher lords of the fallen
Using Umbral finisher, you can defeat an enemy in just one move.

Further, you activate them by pressing the attack button when the prompt appears on the screen.

Umbral Finishers offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on your playstyle and the situation.

How To Perform Umbral Finisher?

Players must fulfill the actions mentioned below to perform an Umbral Finisher:

  • Umbral Lamp: To perform an Umbral Finisher, you must first have your Umbral Lamp equipped. 
umbral lamp umbral finisher
You first need to activate the Umbral lamp to start the attack.
  • Unlock the Soulflay Ability: Defeat the boss, Harrower Dervla, in Revelation Depths to acquire the Soulflay ability.
  • Activate Soulflay Ability: Then, activate the Soulflay ability using the left trigger and the right bumper on your controller or the Q and E keys on your keyboard.
  • Identify Vulnerable Enemies: Target enemies susceptible to Umbral Finishers, such as humanoids, skeletons, or spiders. This is indicated by a purple outline around their health bar.
  • Perform the Finisher:  Finally, approach the vulnerable enemy and press the attack button when prompted on the screen to initiate a cinematic Umbral Finisher animation.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Umbral Finisher

In Lords of the Fallen, Umbral Finishers are special attacks triggered when you break an enemy’s posture.

Further, you activate them by pressing the attack button when the prompt appears on the screen.

Umbral Finishers offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on your playstyle and the situation.


Some benefits of using Umbral Finishers include:

1. High Damage

Umbral Finishers inflict significant damage on enemies, often resulting in instant kills or leaving them with deficient health.

This will enable the players to inflict greater damage on the enemy.

2. Achievement

Moreover, executing Umbral Finishers earns you the Essence of Death achievement.

It is also a requirement for obtaining the platinum trophy in the game.

3. Visual Appeal

Umbral Finishers have a visually striking and satisfying effect as you employ your Umbral Lamp.

Moreover, Umbral Lamp unleashes a potent blast of dark energy upon your foes.


Some drawbacks of using Umbral Finishers include:

1. Momentary Vulnerability

Performing an Umbral Finisher requires you to stand still and execute the animation, leaving you briefly vulnerable.

However, this can be risky when facing other nearby enemies or if the enemy is finished with a potential counterattack.

Further, you cannot perform an Umbral finisher on bosses or certain enemies, such as Rhogar or demons.

2. Umbral Energy Consumption

Umbral Finishers use up some of your Umbral energy.

Also, they are used for functions like switching between Axiom and Umbral or employing special abilities such as Rift or Scour.

In challenging situations, like boss fights, you may wish to conserve your Umbral energy for these other purposes.

3. Compatibility With Your Playstyle

Umbral Finishers may not align with your preferred weapon or character build.

Some weapons have more efficient means of eliminating enemies without utilizing Umbral Finishers.

For example, if you wield a heavy weapon with high damage and staggering abilities, Umbral Finishers might not be necessary.

The Bottom Line

Umbral finisher is a powerful and satisfying move that you can use in Lords of the Fallen.

Also, it can help you overcome some formidable enemies and challenges in the game.

However, they also require some skill and strategy to use effectively.

Ultimately, whether you use Umbral finishers or not is up to you and your preference.

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