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That Which Was Taken In POE: Obtaining The Jewel

In Path of Exile, a unique Crimson jewel refers to “That Which Was Taken,” a non-dropable game item that is unique for every player.

Hence, players are eager to know more about obtaining the jewel “That Which Was Taken” in POE (Path Of Exile).

You should defeat the monster named The King in the Mists in Viridian Wildwood to obtain the “That Which Was Taken” jewel in POE.

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What Is “That Which Was Taken” In POE?

In their adventures in POE, players can discover a special and unique item known as “That Which Was Taken.”

The interesting part about this Crimson Jewel is its connection to the idea of loss and rediscovery.

Hence, This item often plays a crucial role in quests and storylines within the game. 

Likewise, it enhances a character’s abilities, unlocks new powers, or holds the key to unraveling mysteries.

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Where To Look For “That Which Was Taken” In POE?

A monster, The King in the Mists, inherits this jewel so, players should defeat this monster to gain the item.

To find the monster, you should visit Viridian Wildwood of Affliction League.

Similarly, The King in the Mists is the main enemy of this league.

The King in the Mists Ritual ground
The place where you will face the Monster for Crimson Jewel.

Ways To Get “That Which Was Taken”

The only way to obtain the Crystal jewelry is by defeating the monster.

Therefore, players should find a way to defeat the monster to obtain the jewelry.

Moreover, you can use these strategies to get “That Which Was Taken.”

1. Know Your Enemy

The King in the Mists is a formidable adversary with unique abilities.

So, take note of its attacks, patterns, and any minions it may summon and knowledge is your best weapon.

2. Equip Good Gears

Before diving into battle, ensure your gear is up to the task.

Being well-equipped is crucial, so align your resistance with the monster’s attacks to significantly boost your chances of success.

3. Assemble A Strong Builds

Crafting a solid character build is crucial as it enhances your skills and talents to counter The King in the Mists’ strengths.

A well-thought-out build improves your combat effectiveness.

4. Bring The Right Consumables

Healing, buffs, and debuff-cleansing items can be lifesavers in the heat of battle.

Therefore, replenish your health and boost your stats when needed, staying prepared for any arising challenges.

5. Engage With Allies

Don’t face The King in the Mists alone rather engage with other players or NPCs to form a party.

Hence, teamwork not only provides additional firepower but also offers support and strategic advantages.

6. Learn The Terrain

Take note of the battleground and look for obstacles so that you can cover yourself and create a strategic positioning.

Accordingly, understanding the terrain can give you an edge, allowing you to evade attacks or gain a tactical advantage.

King Of The Mists
This is the picture of King Of The Mists.

The Bottom Line

Facing challenges, employing strategies, and experiencing the joy of reclaiming a valuable item define the journey, not just reaching the destination.

The dynamic nature of the player’s experience in Path of Exile goes beyond a simple in-game item.

Hence, gear up and defeat The King Of Mist so that you can experience the new powers of the Crimson Jewel.

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