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Darktide Finesse Damage Stat Explained

Warhammer 40k Darktide is an action-packed game that allows players to modify their weaponry.

Finesse, Ammo and Cleave Damage are some gun stats introduced in Warhammer 40k: Darktide.

The most confusing stat in Darktide is Finesse, which does critical damage to the enemies when you hit the enemy’s weak point.

Continue reading to learn more about Finesse in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

Confusion About Finesse Stat

There is a plethora of weapon stats in the game that players can pick from when building their inventory.

The names of these stats are just generic names that act according to their meanings.

For example, the stat Ammo is exactly what you are thinking, it shows the amount of ammunition for the weapon.

Almost all of these stats follow this same pattern with some exceptions like Rending and Finesse.

These are exceptions because these terminologies rarely appear in your traditional action games.

Finesse Stat In Darktide
Finesse Stat In Darktide.

Hence, these two stats have caused quite a stir in the online community regarding their in-game effects.

Finesse indicates the potential damage an enemy might suffer when struck in the head or a vulnerable area.

An increased finesse stat will result in a higher critical damage percentage when an enemy is attacked in vulnerable areas.

The finesse stat will also work more efficiently on weapons with a critical bonus perk.

For example, a weapon like the Tactical Axe will benefit from a finesse stat since it already has a high crit percentage.

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Increasing Effectiveness Of Finesse

Darktide offers many ways to make your weapons powerful, but the most common one is called Consecrate.

Consecrate allows players to upgrade the rarity of weapons from White(basic) to all the way to  Orange(Rarest).

To do this procedure, first players need to collect bulk weapons and pick those with good perks.

Collecting the right weapon for the upgrade may take a while as the weapon drop is randomized.

Weapons are dropped after completing quests which can be later purchased in the Armory.

Players need to reach Trust Level 4 so that they can access the Shrine of the Omnissiah.

This will allow players to yield four more weapons of their choice which can help in getting the right weapon.

Upgrading Weapon Rarity In Darktide
Upgrading Weapon Rarity In Darktide.

But in order to upgrade these weapons, players need to have a good amount of Plasteel and Diamantine(in-game currencies).

Players need to spend these currencies for upgrades according to the rarity of the weapon they want to have.

Additionally, players can choose their own perks for their weapons by using the re-bless function.

A weapon will contain at least one blessing if that weapon is a Militarum tier.

If players are unsatisfied with the blessing of the weapon, they can use the re-bless option to get new blessings.

However, the new blessings are random, and players can only pick one blessing to replace.

Also, re-bless option gets expensive with each roll.

But on the plus side, a weapon with good rarity and blessings will increase the effectiveness of Finesse.

So if you have a good amount of in-game currencies, you can frequently upgrade the weapons.

In-Game Currencies In Darktide

Plasteel and Diamantine are the two primary crafting resources in Darktide.

Plasteel is the game’s common currency while the diamantine is the scarce one. 

Currencies In Darktide
Currencies In Darktide.

To obtain Plasteen, players can either pick it up from the map or get it through storage boxes.

Storage boxes are gifted to the players after they complete quest level 2 missions or above.

Conversely, Diamantine is a relatively scarce material for which players must grind.

In fact, players can only acquire 5 Diamantines in level 2 but can get more in harder levels.

But Diamantines are necessary if you want to upgrade your equipment to Militarum quality.

The Bottom Line

The finesse stat is one of the most essential stat for a weapon which will help you to one-shot enemies.

Additionally, its effectiveness can be increased by upgrading the weapon rarity.

However, a good source of Plasteel and Diamantine is required to upgrade the weapons.

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