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New Mount In Love Is In The Air Event WoW

Players are already excited for the Love is in the Air event in WOW as it has a brand new mount as a reward.

The event has already begun from February 5th, and it is full of new challenges, quests, rewards, etc.

Love is in the Air event in WOW represents love and friendship with its fun design and emotional meaning.

So, players must work hard to earn as much as love tokens in the game to obtain the brand new mount of the festival.

Continue reading to find out more about the new mount you can get in WOW’s Love is in the Air event. 

Love Is In The Air Festival In WOW 2024

In the magical world of Azeroth where there is adventure at every corner, players can find more than just battles and quests.

One of the most exciting events happening in Azeroth of WOW in 2024 is the Love is in the Air Festival.

Love is in the Air festival is an annual celebration that is held every year in the World of Warcraft.

Love is in the air event WOW
Love is in the Air event is an annual festival in WOW that brings new rewards a love theme.

This event starts on February 5th and ends on February 19th every year.

The Festival is very special as it adds romance and fun to the virtual world of WOW.

New Mount As A Reward

This festival not only brings fun aspects but also has valuable rewards at the end.

The reward for completing the challenges in Love in the air festival is the Air Mount.

In WOW, the Love is in the Air Mount is a special creature that players can use to travel around in the game.

Players can ride upon this mount and navigate faster throughout the map in the game.

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Heartseeker Mana Ray In Love Is In The Air Event 2024

Heartseeker Mana Ray is the brand new mount in the Love is in the Air 2024 WOW festival.

Furthermore, Heartseeker Mana Ray is a flying mount that players can purchase in Durotar and Eleynn Forest.

This flying mount gives players freedom and mobility for exploration.

Hence, it is suitable for traversing through various landscapes and engaging in quests.

New mount in love is in the air
Heartseeker Mana Ray is a brand new mount in Love in the year 2024 event of WOW.

Players can purchase the Heartseeker Mana Ray mount by collecting the love tokens by completing quests and challenges.

Hence, to purchase the Heartseeker Mana Ray mount in Love in the Air 2024 festival, players must collect 270 love tokens.

The Love is in the Air festival always keeps changing the mount with each new festival each year.

Game creators come up with new looks and ideas for the mount every year, making sure it stays exciting and unique.

How To Obtain The Love Is In The Air Mount?

The Love is in the Air event happens every February at the same time as Valentine’s Day in the real world.

During this special time, the world of Azeroth becomes a romantic paradise.

Hence, the game is filled with many heart-shaped decorations, rose petals, and NPCs offering quests and rewards related to love.

This event is a chance for players to immerse themselves in the spirit of love and companionship.

They can do this by either taking on a romantic quest or simply enjoying the festive atmosphere with friends.

However, the main attraction of the Love in the Air event is the mount.

The Mount is a majestic creature usually designed with love and romance in mind and is more than just a mode of transportation.

To obtain this mount, players must participate in various activities and quests during the Love is in the Air festival.

When players complete the quests of the event, they can earn Love Tokens.

These Love Tokens are the in-game currency that players can use to buy the mount in the game.

But getting the Love is in the Air Mount is not just about collecting tokens; it’s also about enjoying the festival with others.

Players must talk to NPCs, complete quests, and participate in special events scattered throughout Azeroth.

While doing this, they may encounter sweet gestures, funny stories, and touching moments that make the festival special.

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