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Afflicted Macro In WoW: How To Deal With It?

In WoW, the Afflicted macro is a straightforward bit of code that can be added to your action bar.

When invoked, it immediately targets and removes the “Afflicted” debuff from any nearby friendly target.

In WoW, you have to remember about mouseover macros and employing abilities like Purify Spirit and failing to attend to afflicted souls while dealing with Afflicted Macro.

This article discusses afflicted macro and how to use it in WoW.

What Is Afflicted Macro In WoW?

“Afflicted” refers to a gaming mechanic in WoW in which afflicted souls emerge and seek the assistance of players while in a fight.

Players have spoken about making macros to cope with Afflicted, such as utilizing mouseover macros to dispel them.

A macro is a tool in World of Warcraft that allows players to do many actions at once with a single button push.

Macros are a collection of slash instructions that begin with a forward slash (/) to distinguish them from regular text operations.

Visit the official website for recent information.Therefore, macros can cast spells, use objects, and accomplish other tasks.

They may also be structured to say things like emote, cast, cancel, and use, and they can be assigned to targets or connected to addons.

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How To Use Afflicted Macro In WoW?

In World of Warcraft, players can use a mouseover macro to cast dispel/cleanse to employ a macro for Afflicted.

A macro for a Priest, for example, #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] Divine Star; Dispel.

Furthermore, users may utilize add-ons like Plater to generate nameplates for only the afflicted friends.

However, it is crucial to note that the ability to target Afflicted with a macro has been removed.

It’s quite simple to make an Afflicted macro, here is what you must do:

  1. Navigate to the Macros window (Esc > Interface > Macros).
  2. Select New Macro and give your macro a catchy name, such as Dispel Afflicted.
  3. Click New Action on the Actions tab.
  4. Add your dispelling spell (for example, Cleanse, Purify) to the list.
  5. Click New Condition on the Conditions tab, and from the dropdown menu, choose Unit Debuff.
  6. Then, select Afflicted from the list of debuffs.
  7. Select Mouseover from the Target menu and click OK to save your macro.

Common Strategies To Deal Afflicted Macro

In WoW, common tactics for dealing with the Afflicted affix include employing dispel abilities, and external heals to help the afflicted souls.

Players have provided strategies for dispelling, such as using mouseover macros and employing abilities like Purify Spirit.

Coordination with the team to ensure the suffering souls are cared for as soon as possible might also be useful.

Players must communicate and collaborate to properly cope with the Afflicted mechanism during combat.

You can set bindings for easy macro selection.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Dealing With Afflicted

Some typical mistakes to avoid while dealing with the Afflicted in WoW include failing to attend to afflicted souls as soon as possible.

Furthermore, avoid failing to use dispel abilities or external heals and failing to enable friendly unit health bars to control the affix better.

Additionally, avoid failing to communicate and coordinate with the team to cope with the Afflicted mechanism during combat successfully.

Players must collaborate and avoid ignoring the injured souls since they may do substantial damage if left ignored.

The Bottom Line

The Afflicted macro is a basic yet powerful tool that may significantly improve your WoW experience.

By automating the dispelling process, you can free up your concentration and concentrate on what matters.

Additionally,  you must concentrate on defeating your opponents and emerging triumphant.

Give the Afflicted macro a shot and see how it may help you!

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