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Mag Sniper In Starfield: How To Get It?

One of the most powerful and legendary weapons is the Mag Sniper, a rifle that can damage enemies from a long distance.

But how can you get your hands on this rare and expensive weapon?

You can get the Mag Sniper in Starfield by completing 40 levels or higher, completing the Vultures Roost quest and using the console command.

This article will show you where to find the Mag Sniper and ways to get it in Starfield.

What Is Mag Sniper In Starfield?

The Mag Sniper is one of the best Sniper Rifles in Starfield.

It is a type of weapon that uses magnetic propulsion to fire high-velocity projectiles.

Moreover, it is one of the game’s most powerful and accurate scoped weapons, capable of inflicting massive damage with a single shot.

However, it is also very rare and hard to find.

Where Is The Mag Sniper In Starfield?

The Mag Sniper is level-locked and only appears in weapon stores or loot drops after reaching level 40 or higher level.

According to some players, the Mag Sniper is obtainable at high levels.

The Mag Sniper
The Mag Sniper is one of the best Sniper Rifles in Starfield.

However, another way to get the Mag Sniper early in the game is following a quest on Jaffa IV.

The quest, The Vultures Roost, involves infiltrating a pirate base and stealing their weapons.

The Mag Sniper is one of the possible rewards for completing the quest.

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How To Get The Mag Sniper In Starfield?

The Mag Sniper is a legendary, powerful, and rare Rifle. Here is how you can get it in Starfield.

1. Complete Level 40 

You can find it randomly in weapon stores or loot crates, but it is very unlikely and depends on your level.

Some players reported finding it around level 40 or higher.

2. Complete The Vultures Roost Quest

The Vultures Roost is a large and dangerous dungeon on Jaffa IV in Starfield.

It is a pirate base built into the walls of a rock canyon, where the Ecliptic Mercenaries store their weapons and contraband.

The dungeon is part of a quest, The Vultures Roost, which involves infiltrating the base and stealing their loot.

Furthermore, a player can start the quest by talking to a contact named Remy at the Jaffa IV spaceport.

The rewards for completing the quest are very valuable.

Likewise, you can get a free ship, the Dagger, worth about 7814 credits and has decent stats. 

Some items you can find are rare and powerful, such as the Mag Sniper Rifle.

The dungeon also has a cell with two Aurora containers, mysterious devices that can grant you special abilities or enhancements.

Alternatively,  you can get a Mag Sniper weapon by completing the quest called The Last Stand on the planet Jaffa IV.

This quest is given by a character named Moara, the leader of the Freestar Collective faction.

Furthermore, you must help her defend her base from an attack by the rival faction, the Crimson Fleet.

3. Use Console Command

You can use console commands to spawn it in your inventory.

But this is considered cheating and may affect your game experience.

The command is player .additem 0001F4A6 1, where 0001F4A6 is the item ID for the Mag Sniper.

The Bottom Line

The Mag Sniper is one of the best and the rare weapon that kills all the enemies in a single shot.

It is not easy to obtain, but it is worth the effort.

Hopefully, this article helps you for getting the Mag Sniper in Starfield.

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