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Remove The Introvert Perk In Starfield: Easy Steps

Players of Starfield can remove the introvert perk quite easily.

Furthermore, not only is the removal process easy but straightforward as well.

However, players planning on removing the trait may find themselves in therapy from one of the prominent NPCs of the game. 

The introvert perk in Starfield promotes the lone wolf playstyle. However, players can choose to remove the perk, thus allowing them to choose a different perk to complement their existing ones.

Continue reading to learn more about the introvert perk and the process to remove it in Starfield.

What Is Introvert Perk In Starfield? 

The introvert perk is one of the characteristics that players can choose when they start playing Starfield. 

Like other characteristics, the Introvert perk provides certain benefits while posing some detrimental effects. 

However, the benefits heavily favor the introverted playstyle, and the detrimental effects are less prominent. 

From the game itself, the introvert trait says: “You really need your alone time. Exerting yourself uses less oxygen when adventuring alone.”

But more when adventuring with other human companions. You cannot combine this trait with an Extrovert.

This trait benefits players who like the lone wolf playstyle since it lowers oxygen consumption when playing alone. 

However, in some instances, when players must complete missions with other NPCs, players will notice the detrimental effect coming to full play. 

The trait’s detrimental effect is that oxygen consumption heavily increases when players are together with other players or NPCs. 

Thus, while it benefits the lone wolf playstyle, this trait can sometimes be a bane. However, in most cases, the detrimental effects are not apparent. 

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How To Remove Introvert Perk In Starfield? 

Removing the introvert perk is quite simple in Starfield. However, players must go through a few steps to remove it. 

Furthermore, players can get a first-hand experience of personal therapy from one of the characters. 

Here are the steps to remove the Introvert Perk in Starfield:

  1. First, head to the House of the Enlightened. The players can find the house of the enlightened in an area known as the Well.
head to the house of the enlightened
Head to the house of the enlightened at the Well.
  1. Then, make your way inside the House of the Enlightened. Here, you must meet Andy Singh.
interact with andy
Interact with Andy in the house of the enlightened.
  1. Then, interact with Andy and choose the Introvert option within the choices.
choose the introvert option from andy
Choose the introvert choice with Andy to remove it in Starfield.
  1. Then, you will find the “Remove Introvert Perk” option.
remove introvert trait permanently starfield
Remove the introvert trait permanently in Starfield.
  1. After you click on the option, Singh will ask you a few questions. 
  2. After answering his questions, you can choose to remove the perk permanently. 
  3. Then, Andy Singh will begin providing you with therapy. 
  4. Then, the screen will black out, and you will no longer have the Introvert Perk. 

After removing the trait, the players will have an empty slot in their trait panel.

Thus, players can add another trait in the empty place left by the Introvert perk. 

Furthermore, if players plan on getting the trait back, currently, there is no definitive method of getting it back. 

However, players can add the trait back using the command: player.addperk 00227FD8

Players also claim they can add the trait from the Enhance clinic in Akila City

The Bottom Line

The Introvert trait allows players to experience the game on their own.

However, it is sometimes better to look into other traits than the one that forces you into a certain playstyle. 

The Introvert trait does not complement other traits that well. 

Thus, if you choose to remove the trait down the line, it is better to look into other traits that will complement your existing traits better. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning how to remove the Introvert trait and add a new one in Starfield. 

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