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Explore The Main Systems Offline In Risk Of Rain Returns

Players are curious about the Main Systems Offline Trial in Risk of Rain Returns.

It is one of the Providence Trials that gains you various rewards.

Main Systems Offline is a trial in Risk of Rain Returns where you must defeat enemies that are constantly attacking you and score at least 200 points to complete it and gain rewards like useful Keycards and other items.

In this article, we will discuss the Main Systems Offline Trial in Risk of Rain Returns.

What Are Providence Trials?

Providence Trials are special challenges in Risk of Rain Returns.

In the providence trial, players reach certain stages or defeat specific bosses. By doing so, you can unlock new characters and get rewards.

Further challenges appear after completing each stage of the Providence Trial.

They are small but fruitful challenges for players willing to showcase their skills.

Moreover, they help unlock alternative skills that can be very useful for the gameplay.

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Main Systems Offline Trial

Main Systems Offline is one of the Providence Trials in Risk of Rain returns.

Your main weapon in this trial is Speed Drones, which causes the most damage.

You will encounter invaders constantly attacking you in this trial.

Players must score at least 200 points to complete the trial.

After you’ve reached the 200 points milestone, you will get another goal of 900 points.

main systems offline
Scoring 200 points is essential to complete the trial.

Once you reach 900 points, you will successfully complete the trial.

You will encounter various enemies, including easier and tougher ones.

However, the tougher enemies help you gain more points than the easier ones.

You will start the trial with 10 max HP and get an additional 5 per level, and your health does not naturally regenerate.

Moreover, you will start the trial with one heart, so you must carefully use your health.

Rewards From The Main Systems Offline Trial 

The Main Systems Offline Trial in Risk of Rain Returns has exciting rewards for you that come in handy during your gameplay.

main systems score
Completing this trial gives you rewards that ensure smooth gameplay.

Here are some of the rewards that you can get from the Main System Offline trial:

  1. Useful Keycards: It helps to perform various actions like opening locked security doors.
  2. Barbed Wire: It hurts nearby enemies.
  3. Paul’s Goat Hoof: It helps you move faster.
  4. Frost Relic: It kills enemies that surround you with icicles.
  5. Gasoline: Kills enemies by setting the ground on fire.
  6. Decaying Sample: Helps you gain an orbiting follower that damages enemies.
  7. Bonus Stocks: Utilize them for your secondary skills.
  8. Headstompers: They hurt enemies by falling.
  9. Hopoo Feathers: Helps you gain an extra jump.
  10. Tough Times: Reduces incoming damage by 14%.

The Bottom Line

Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns offers players challenges to unlock new characters and valuable rewards.

The Main Systems Offline Trial is a prime example that requires players to utilize Speed Drones to fend off invaders.

Likewise, the rewards include useful items like keycards, barbed wire, and Hoof Paul’s Goat.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to complete the Main Systems Offline Trial with ease.

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