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Xenoverse 2: Ultra Instinct For Your Custom Character(CAC)

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, players constantly seek to unlock the ultra instinct for their Custom Character(CAC).

Players are willing to unlock several unique activities that give them the upper hand in the high-paced area brawling.

While playing Xenoverse 2, players can create their custom character(CAC) and attain godly power by unlocking the ultra instinct for their CAC.

Continue reading to learn more about Ultra Instinct and ways to unlock it in Xenoverse 2.

Xenoverse 2: Unlock The Ultra Instinct For Your CAC

Ultra instinct is a powerful skill that players can activate for their Custom Characters to unlock their true potential power.

Similarly, players can attain the god-level power if they are willing to unlock the Ultra Instinct. 

Custom character (CAC) Intro
Players creating their Custom Character in Xenoverse 2.

Players can unlock the Ultra Instinct only after they vigorously train with the Jiren (Full Power) himself.

Moreover, Jiren is known as one of the most dangerous and powerful characters in the game of the Xenoverse 2.

Players can find Jiren after heading to the area that is behind the Multiplayer Mode NPC, beneath the steps to Time Nest.

Player's CAC Spotting Jiren
The player’s CAC comes face-to-face with Jiren.

Finally, once players encounter the Jiren (Full Power), they must challenge and defeat him.

Succeeding in this fight allows the player to have the ultra instinct which gradually increases their  CAC power to the next level.

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Xenoverse 2: Properties Of The Ultra Instinct 

After unlocking the true potential of the Ultra Instinct, players have to take full advantage of its unique properties.

Like Pure Progress and Beast, Ultra Instinct also consumes the 500 Ki from your customized character(CAC).

Similarly, the visual transformation of the CAC while activating the ultra instinct is quite marvelous.

Unlocked Ultra Instinct by CAC
The player successfully beats Jiren and acquires Ultra Instinct.

While CAC transforms, players get to experience their aura changing, their eyes turning silver, and their hair getting white tints.

Moreover, players can use multiple abilities and enabled features after unlocking the Ultra Instinct Power.

Some of the features include:

  1. Firstly, the primary function of the ultra instinct is its Auto-Dodge feature, from which CAC can automatically dodge incoming attacks.
  2. Secondly, while dodging, players defend the attacks from the enemies and hit them with 15% damage.
  3. Thirdly, players Cac‘s will recharge Ki similarly to the Ultimate Charge during guarding and holding Heavy Attacks.
  4. Fourthly, your character will replace the Regular Ki Blasts and Charge Ki Blasts with the Soaring Fist and Spirit Pulse respectively.
  5. Finally, your CAC’s movement speed and versatility gradually increase after unlocking the Ultra Instinct Power.

Following that, players must remember that unlocking Ultra Instinct power does not increase your overall attacks.

Nevertheless, it can be good with the defensive accumulations and the CAC’s overall mobility. 

Xenoverse 2: Valuable Tips For Using Ultra-Extinct

Players can use the Ultra Extinct to its maximum potential and fully capitalize on their Custom Characters’ ability.

Players must opt for strategic decisions to use your Custom Character’s full ability successfully.

Describing Ultra Instinct of CAC
The process to Activate Awoken Skill Ultra Instinct.

Furthermore, players must have certain game plans to master the ultra-extinct gameplay and get the best results.

Therefore, follow some of the Tips for  your successful gameplay :

1. Dodging

Players should not forget to use the Ultra Insitnct’s Auto-Dodge feature which protects their CAC from incoming attacks.

Mastering this skill will upgrade your customer character to a difficult adversary to fight for your enemies.

This strategy keeps you protected and creates the chance of counterattacks out of the blue.

2. Mastering Counterattacks

After dodging successfully, players should learn to initiate the counterattack as soon as possible successfully.

Opting for a counterattack during the fight is crucial; you can catch the enemy by surprise and get that battle in your favor.

To master their counterattacks, players must practice refining their time and precision skills.

3. Ki Management

Players have to trade Ki to access the devastating power of the Ultra Instincts.

Similarly, players should check their  Ki meter constantly during the fights while using Ultra Instinct.

Proper Management of Ki ensures that you balance your defense and offense operations well.

4. Skill Synergy

Players should not use Ultra Instinct in isolation; opt for using the different combinations of skills that resonate with Ultra Instinct.

Selecting multiple skills that maintain a good synergy with Ultra Instinct can make your custom character a dangerous force.

Moreover, players should find the right balance of offensive and defensive techniques that align with Ultra Instinct.

The Bottom Line 

 In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, players must unlock the Ultra Instinct which is one of the game-changing moves is game-changing Awoken skills.

To unlock this mighty power, players must defeat the full-power Jiren which can be quite challenging.

Understanding the unique properties and usage of Ultra Instinct is key to unleashing its full potential.

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