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Mauga Rugby Practice Not Working: Causes And Fixes

Mauga Rugby practice is a seasonal challenge in Overwatch 2, where you must knock back 15 enemies.

Due to some issues, this seasonal challenge faces a bug, resulting in the challenge not working.

During Mauga Rugby practice, a bug was observed where players found themselves stuck at count 0 out of 15. Even after knocking back hundreds of enemies, progression in the challenge is impossible.

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What Is Mauga Rugby Practice In Overwatch?

Mauga Rugby Practice refers to a seasonal challenge where you, being Mauga, should be able to knock 15 enemies.

The game developers released a tank character in the recent Overwatch update on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023.

Mauga Rugby Practice
Players are unable to complete the Mauga Rugby practice due to a bug.

This hero is the 39th hero added to the game released with the 8th season update of Overwatch.

Moreover, this includes the practice of the hero and understanding his skill and abilities for impact in the games.

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Why Is Mauga Rugby Practice Not Working In Overwatch?

Mauga Rugby Practice is a recently added challenge in the game with a new concept and visuals of practice.

The high package update of Season 8 or any corrupted files from the game developers may cause this bug.

Mauga overwatch
This is the image of the Mauga in Overwatch 8th Seasonal Update.

It is confirmed that the problem of Mauga Rugby Practice not working is a bug from the server side.

Therefore, there is nothing to do with the user’s internal problems like the internet, storage, game files, etc.

How To Fix Mauga Rugby Practice Bug?

As you experience the constant bug of the count, there is no progress as you knock back the enemies.

This bug is a stoppage for people who cannot complete the Seasonal Challenge in the game.

There isn’t any solution from the user’s side to fix the bug, as it depends on the server’s interaction.

Therefore, follow the given ways to fix the bug faster than expected.

1. Check Updates

If there is a bug from the server side, they will initially send an update to fix it.

Therefore, check the update for the game and wait until you receive it.

2. Check Community Platforms

Players usually discuss the bug topics on the community channels from Discord, Reddit, or social media platforms.

Hence, stay active on the platforms to receive news and updates regarding the bug fix.

3. Connect Game Developers

There is always a feature in every game website where you can connect to the developers to share your issues regarding the game.

So, visit the official game website and go to the Contact Us option to submit your issue to notify developers.

4. Have Patience

Every problem has a solution; all you need to do is have Patience and wait till the developers fix the bug.

Since the problem is from the server side, you can only connect to them and wait for them to fix it.

The Bottom Line

All players are facing this frustrating bug of being unable to complete the seasonal challenge in Overwatch.

The game developers have added Mauga as the newest hero and introduced the first challenge featuring this hero.

Therefore, follow the procedure and wait until you get any updates regarding the bug from the Overwatch developers.

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