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Are Occupiers Of Lurelin Village Bugged TotK?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the new iteration of the Zelda franchise.

Furthermore, the new interaction brings various new quests for the players to tackle and experience in Hyrule. 

Players face the bug while trying to complete the Lurelin Village Restoration Project quest. Furthermore, this bug does not allow the players to complete the questline, and the players must re-do the entire quest.

Continue reading to learn whether the Occupiers of Lurelin Village are bugged and how you can resolve the issue.

Where Is Lurelin Village?

Lurelin Village in Tears of the Kingdom is located in East Necluda.

Furthermore, various monsters occupy the Village instead of the occupants of Hyrule.

Additionally, the reason for the players to come to this Village is to restore it to its former glory.

Thus, the player will obtain the quest, “Lurelin Village Restoration Project.”

Map Location For Lurelin Village ToTK.
Players can complete the Lurelin Village Restoration Project in TotK.

In this, players defeat various monsters in the Lurelin Village to free the Village and progress through the questline to restore the Village to its former glory.

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Who Are The Occupiers Of Lurelin Village?

The Occupiers of Lurelin Village currently are a group of monsters. The previous inhabitants of the Village left after the monsters invaded their Village.

However, the players must clear the Village once more to make it inhabitable by the previous Villagers.

Furthermore, this is a quest under the “Lurelin Village Restoration Project” questline.

Occupiers Of Lurelin Villager Progress Bar Totk.
Occupiers of Lurelin Villager Progress Bar Totk

Is Occupiers Of Lurelin Village Bugged In ToTK?

In the Occupiers of Lurelin Village quest, the players first kill the Bokoblin inside the well and then kill other monsters outside of the well.

The quest bar will stay stagnant at the very last point. 

Lurelin Village Well Entrance.
Players must enter the Lurelin Village Well.

This causes the quest not to progress, and the players will need to re-do the entire quest to complete the questline again.

However, if the players clear out all the mobs outside the well, the quest will progress as intended and then enter the well to kill the Bokoblin. 

Yes! The Occupiers of Lurelin Village quest is indeed bugged in TotK. However, the bug does not occur if the player defeats all the monsters outside the well and then defeats the Bokoblin within the well. 

Thus, leaving out the Bokoblin inside the well for the last and clearing out every monster outside is better. 

Furthermore, if players mistakenly kill the Bokoblin first, the questline will not progress after the last health bar.

Additionally, the players must restart from the beginning to complete the quest again. 

The Bottom Line

Glitches and bugs are a part of any game. However, game developers tend to patch these bugs and glitches with time.

Furthermore, certain glitches and bugs do not occur as much as others. Thus, this can also cause the bugs to go unnoticed for a while.

Hopefully, this article can help you understand the Lurelin Village bug and how you can dodge the bug and not have to re-do the quest. 

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