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How To Get Nyxpteron In Destiny 2?

Nyxpteron is one of the exclusive items in the Destiny 2.

The item is part of a particular Season of the Witch event.

The Nyxpteron is an Exotic Ship launched in the Festival Of The Season in Destiny 2. Players must unlock all Lores of Volume 3 in Tales Of The Forgotten to get the Ship.

Continue reading more about the Nyxpertron and the process to obtain the exclusive reward in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Nyxpteron

Nyxpteron is among the exotic ships of the Festival of the Lost Season.

In addition, The Festival of the Lost event will run from 17 October to 7 November 2023, open to all players.

This spooky event was launched due to the closure of the Halloween season.

Moreover, players can earn weapons, engrams, costumes, and other items through this Festival.

This event launches every year simultaneously, where players must interact with the Vendor.

Vendor Destiny 2
Approach Eva Levante in the Courtyard Tower.

Moreover, players must visit the Courtyard Tower and meet Eva Levante, the event Vendor, to obtain the Festival of the Lost Mask.

Players will get the Spectral pages to learn about the event, which can be earned after wearing the mask and playing the event.

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How To Get Nyxpteron In Destiny 2?

If players are willing to get the Nyxpteron, follow the given procedure, 

1. Use The Manifest Pages

After getting the Spectral Pages and completing the Haunted Sectors, players will get the Manifested Pages.

haunted sectors mission
Complete the Haunted Sector mission to get the Manifested pages,

The Manifested pages will be used to view the Books Of The Forgotten near Eva at the Towers for Rewards and Lore.

Players should engage in the Haunted Sector Events and unlock other books and lore.

2. Unlock The Books Gradually

Players will convert more of the spectral pages and get the Manifested pages to get the reward at the Books Of The Forgotten.

There are thirty-three Lor, es which contain exclusive rewards through the Manifested Pages.

The rewards will be obtained after players complete Chapters 1,11, 22, and 33 to get the Nyxpteron Exotic Ship.

After players unlock all the Shrouded pages from the Books of the Forgotten, players will receive the Nyxpteron Ship as a reward.

Players should unlock ale Shroudes pages from Volume 3 in Tales of the Forgotten. 

nyxpteron destiny 2
Unlock all the shrouded pages.

Additionally, players will also receive an enhancement Prism and an Event Ticket.

Before unlocking all the 33 lores, players will receive multiple items on the w, including glimmers, tickets and masks.

Unfortunately, completing it may require a lot of time, but it is worth the effort.

The Bottom Line 

Festival of the Lost is a seasonal event that includes legendary and exotic items, ms including the Nyxpetron.

If players are willing to spend a few pennies, they can get exclusive items upon completing the Haunted missions or through the store.

Also, the Manifested pages are the primary tools to earn rewards in the eve, so ensure to invest more time and earn loads of them.

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