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Ultimate Guide For Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has provided various daily challenges for its players like scrap junk to produce circuitry.

Also, this type of daily challenge helps players boost their score and level in Fallout 76.

The daily challenge, Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry, requires players to accomplish several tasks, including Hunt Rabbits and Drink Tea. Players can also gather a large amount of the very scarce components, Circuitry, by completing this task.

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Introduction To Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry

Scrap junk to produce circuitry in Fallout 76 is a daily challenge with different tasks that help players collect Circuitry.

The circuitry is one of the most scarce components in this game, which aids in crafting weapons.

Moreover, circuitry is essential everywhere in the game that requires electronics.

Completing these daily challenges is the key to acquiring valuable items for crafting weapons and arms in Fallout 76.

Additionally, players should focus on items that provide more circuitry while collecting items.

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Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry Location Guide

Players can find the Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry challenge across multiple places in the game.

Here are some guidance and map locations:

1. The Whitespring Resort

Firstly, players must select The Whitespring Resort on the map.

Location of Whitespring Resort.
The location of Whitespring Resort is on the Fallout 76 map.

When players reach Whitespring Resort, they must go downstairs and inside the Whitespring Mall Shops.

As soon as players enter the room, they must take left and search for telephones in the Mall.

Players can find up to five telephones in the room; each is worth one circuitry.

Secondly, players should move towards the Weapons Workbench in the Mall after getting all the telephones.

Finally, once players reach the Weapons Workbench, they can scrap the telephones to obtain circuitry.

2. Abbie’s Bunker

Firstly, when players enter Abbie’s Bunker, they can see the terminal beside the door.

This terminal is a zero-level terminal, and the player must access the terminal to open the door.

Now, players must search inside the door for items like a Military Grade Circuit Board and Sensor Module.

Again, after grabbing both the items, players must head towards the Weapons Workbench.

Scrapping Military Grade Circuit Board
Scrapping Military Grade Circuit Board in Abby’s Bunker Weapons Workbench for Circuitry.

Finally, the Military Grade Circuit Board rewards players with two circuitry stats, while the Sensor Module grants five.

How Do Players Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry In Fallout 76?

Players must gather various items to complete the Scrap Junk To Produce Circuitry challenge in Fallout 76.

These items include Telephones, Military Grade Circuit Boards, and Sensor Modules.

Once players have collected these items, they should head to the Weapons Workbench.

While using the Weapons Workbench, players need to select the craft option.

Players can then choose to scrap the desired junk items from the menu.

Alternatively, players can scrap all the collected junk items by selecting the option Scrap All Junk.

The Bottom Line

In summary, this challenge helps players craft weapons and armor in Fallout 76.

Similarly, junk items like Military Grade Circuit Board and Sensor Module provide more circuitry than telephones.

However, players should carefully explore specific areas and use the Weapons Workbench properly when scrapping items for better results.

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