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What Does Suspicious Sand Look Like?

The world of Minecraft is made up of millions of blocks of different materials.

Many secrets are hidden inside these blocks, and a new Suspicious Sand has been introduced with the update in Minecraft.

The Suspicious Sand is a new variant similar to the regular sand blocks with a slight change in its surface. It is a fragile sand block with a rougher and grainier surface because of the cracks in the surface.

Keep reading to know what Suspicious Sand look like and its locations around Minecraft.

What Is Suspicious Sand In Minecraft?

It is one of the best sandbox games, with an endless world and many secrets yet to be revealed.

Furthermore, the new archeology update in Minecraft 1.20 has changed some sand blocks into a new variant.

We are talking about Suspicious Sand, a new variant of sand blocks.

They are gravity-affected blocks, which means they need a block underneath them to prevent them from breaking.

Moreover, the Suspicious Sand is fragile and will break without a drop when dropped from a height.

What Does Suspicious Sand Look Like?

The Suspicious Sand looks identical to the regular sand block but is rougher and grainier, with cracks on its surface.

You will see that Suspicious Sand is more like a sand block mixed with small stones.

Suspicious sand
Suspicious Sand looks identical to the regular sand block. (Source: Beebom)

Furthermore, the Suspicious Sand has some mysterious items hidden inside it.

Unlike the regular sand blocks, the Suspicious Sand is more like a container with pretty good items inside, Diamonds if you get lucky.

However, to obtain the items inside, you must use a unique tool called Brush.

The Brush tool will remove the dust from the block and reveal the item inside the Suspicious Sand.

finding items inside suspicious sand
To obtain items inside, you should use Brush. (Source: Beebom)

Moreover, revealing the item from the block will destroy the Suspicious Sand Block.

In addition, if you drop or do mining like a regular block, this unique sand block will break and loot inside it cannot be retrieved.

Where Can You Find Suspicious Sand In Minecraft?

The Suspicious Sand in Minecraft is mainly found in the Desert biome and warm ocean ruins.

Here are all the locations where you can find the Suspicious Sand in Minecraft 1.20.

  • Inside the Desert Temples and Pyramids
  • Inside the Desert Wells
  • Around the Warm Ocean Ruins

Suspicious Sand can be found in buried rooms or backrooms beneath the Desert Temples.

However, these blocks can be lower in volume, so finding one can be frustrating, but you will eventually find some with patience.

Furthermore, Desert Wells are the perfect place to find Suspicious Sand, mainly at the bottom of the Wells.

Suspicious sand in desert wells

You can often find 2 Suspicious Sand blocks under the water of the Desert Wells.

Moreover, you can find different items and loot inside these Suspicious Sand blocks.

You can find different Pottery Shards, Gems, TNT, gold nuggets, Sniffer Eggs, Coal, etc.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you got more idea of what the Suspicious Sand looks like in Minecraft.

Furthermore, finding one in the Desert biome will require much patience, even if you know about it.

However, the loot and items inside the Suspicious Sand will be worth all your time finding them.

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