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Warframe Cross Save 2024: When Will It Reopen?

One of the most requested features in Warframe is Cross Save which will now be available in 2024.

Warframe players are eager to use this feature when it reopens again in January.

In Warframe, the Cross-Platform Save feature was released in late December 2023 during the Stress test. However, it is currently closed down due to stability issues and technical reasons which is again set to reopen in January 2024.

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What Is Warframe Cross Save 2024?

The Cross-Platform Save is an exciting feature added to Warframe using which players can merge or link their accounts.

Further, it is an upcoming feature that allows users to unify their Warframe progress on various platforms.

Players can use a single Warframe account across any linked or merged platforms.

merging account cross save
Players can use the cross-save feature in Warframe to merge the account.

With Cross-Save, players can continue playing on any platform using their saved files.

Further, accounts created before November 24, 2 PM E.T. are eligible to use the merge feature.

Players who have an Warframe account created after November 24 cannot merge and are only eligible for the linking feature.

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Cross-Save Warframe 2024 Current Status

The cross-save feature was briefly accessible in December 2023 during the stress test phase but it is currently closed for further work.

Further, the Warframe Cross-Platform feature is currently not available for further testing and refinement.

However, it will fully launch for everyone in 2024 after developers address the prevalent issues.

cross save Warframe 2024
The official information about the stress test for Cross save in Warframe.

Players who were not able to merge their accounts in December are now eagerly waiting for it to reopen in January.

However, the exact release date is unknown but it may reopen during the mid-January.

You should stay updated on the official social media handle of Warframe to get the latest news about its release.

Why Was Cross Save Closed Down In Warframe?

During the limited “drip gate” phase of the Cross-platform save in December 2023, many players were able to use this feature.

Only a limited number of players could access the cross-platform feature for testing.

However, after a few hours of the release, the feature was shut down.

This allowed developers to identify and address technical issues before a wider release.

Further, here are the reasons why the cross save is closed currently in Warframe:

1. Stability Issues

When the gates opened for the feature on December 22, it brought down the operation of Warframe in just an hour.

Similarly, players also faced instability as they were not able to merge or link their accounts successfully.

Further, the successful cross-save feature requires a robust and stable server requirement.

Developers will ensure the stability of this feature when it reopens soon.

2. Technical Reasons

During the test phase, some players encountered bugs and glitches that could potentially harm their progression or data.

Closing this feature allows developers to fix these issues to release a fully functional cross-save without glitches.

According to the developers, the feature will reopen after all the fixes as the feedback received from the players.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the cross-save is an essential feature in Warframe that allows players to easily access the save file on any platform.

The Cross save feature was recently shut down for maintenance and is expected to launch soon in January 2024 in Warframe.

Overall the closure is a positive step to ensure the successful launch of this feature for the wider audience.

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