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Mount Uluru In Monopoly Go: How To Obtain It?

Mount Uluru is a new Golden sticker in Monopoly Go that helps you to get huge rewards.

This card is important to complete a card set, and players are actively willing to trade Mount Uluru.

Mount Uluru card in Monopoly Go is a collectable golden sticker that adds excitement to the game, requiring players to trade, purchase, or complete sets to obtain it.

In this article, we will discuss the Mount Uluru card in Monopoly Go and ways to obtain it.

What Are Albums And Card Sets In Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go, albums and card sets are important for collecting. Albums help players organize their sticker cards.

Many players aim to complete sets of 15 cards with themes like landmarks or countries.

Collecting cards fills albums and finishes sets, which players find rewarding.

Trading extra cards with others is crucial because a single player can’t collect rare gold cards.

Working together to swap needed cards keeps the Monopoly Go community engaged.

What Is Mount Uluru In Monopoly Go?

Mount Uluru is a golden sticker in Monopoly Go which is rare and a little harder to obtain than other ones.

Limited-time events in Monopoly GO sometimes offer golden sticker packs as rewards.

However, they cannot be traded normally like other stickers or cards. Right now, the Mount Uluru Golden card is getting all the hype.

Additionally, you will need this card to complete a set of cards called  Alinga, and once the card set is complete, you will receive exciting rewards.

The Alinga Set Mount Uluru

The Epic Myths Album consists of various card sets, and once you complete the album, you will receive the following:

  • 15K Dice Rolls
  • 158B Game Money
epic myths alinga
You must complete the Epic Myths album to win exciting rewards.

There are different Card sets, including Alinga, Robin Hood, String Of Fate and others, and this set consists of these cards:

Card NameStars
In The Making2
Throw and Catch4
Desert Dust5
Silhouette Night5
Mount Uluru4
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How Can You Get Mount Uluru In Monopoly Go?

You can purchase the Mount Uluru card using real money on different platforms like eBay or Carousell.

This is the simplest way to get the Golden sticker without any hurdles.

There is a time limit given to collect the two stickers that are:

  • Mount Uluru 
  • Wedding Bells

You can find these two stickers under the Golden Blitz section, and under each card, you will find a Send and Ask option.

You will get a “Send” option if you already have the sticker and an “Ask” option if you don’t have it.

Additionally, you can trade Mount Uluru with other players, too.

Moreover, there are various Monopoly Go card trading groups on platforms like Facebook.

You will also find people willing to trade the necessary cards in those groups.

a facebook post on trading mount uluru
This is a Facebook post by a player willing to trade Mount Uluru.

However, you need to be careful of the scammers in these types of communities.

There are reports where players have sent cards and stars but have not received any.

Some players have also received this card from the Equity Extravaganza event in Monopoly Go.

equity extravaganza
Rewards from the Equity Extravaganza.

The Bottom Line

The Mount Uluru card is a prized golden sticker in Monopoly Go; players eagerly trade, buy, and complete sets to obtain it.

This rare card brings extra excitement to the game, making it a coveted addition for all Monopoly Go enthusiasts.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to get the Mount Uluru Golden Card.

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