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How To Get The Potion Of Everlasting Vigour?

Potion of Everlasting Vigour is one of the items players can find in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Potion grants players an ability and a bonus when used.

Potion of Everlasting Vigour grants players a permanent boost of +2 strength. Players can get the Portion in the Moonrise Towers after meeting Araj Oblodra.

Continue reading to learn about Everlasting Vigour Potion and the location to find them.

What Is Potion Of Everlasting Vigour?

The Potion of Everlasting Vision is probably one of the rarest abilities.

It will give players a permanent boost throughout the game after the use.

The +2 permanent strength increment modifier can be helpful while engaging in battles and completing missions.

Lastly, the prominent buff can be helpful for any characters players choose, including Shadowheart, Gale, Wyll and Karlach.

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Finding The Potion Of Everlasting Vigour?

If players are trying to search for the Everlasting Vigour Potion for the permanent boost, follow the procedure;

1. Head To Moonlight Towers

Players should initially visit the Moonrise Tower in the Shadow Cursed Lands after reaching Act 2.

moonrise towers
Reach the Moonrise Towers.

Further, enter the main door with giant statues on the side to reach the main floor. 

2. Find Araj Oblodra

From the main floor, enter the open door on the left door and search for a closed door below the chandelier to find Araj Oblodra.

Araj Oblodra
Find Araj in the closed door.

Further, players should approach her to initiate the conversation and follow the dialogue options.

She will offer players a potion in exchange for the drop of blood.

3. Force Astarion To Bite Araj

After agreeing to provide the blood, she will show interest in Astarion, so ensure to have him as a companion.

Araj will offer a legendary potion of power if Astarion agrees to bite her; unfortunately, he will decline the offer.

So, players must convince Astarion several times until he accepts the to bite Araj Oblodra in exchange for a potion.

Potion Of Everlasting Vigour
Convince Astarion to bite Araj.

Funnily, Astarion will be angry about the decision and doesn’t like the taste of her blood.

4. Get The Potion 

When Astarion bites Araj, players will receive the Elixir Of The Human Versatility and the Potion of Everlasting Vigour after a cut-scene.

Potion Of Everlasting Vigour
Obtain the Potion of Everlasting Vigour.

Elixir Of The Human Versatility will grant players skill proficiency until the next long rest.

The item is also for single use, including the Potion of Everlasting Blood.

It works fine for players concerned about potion usage if they have over 20 strengths.

The Bottom Line

Everlasting Vigour is probably the unique and rarest Potion that provides a permanent boost for the players.

To get the Potion, to convince Astarion, which can unlock a conversation about the Cazador in the long rest.

The Potion can increase the strength, providing a significant advantage over the enemies or challenging bosses in the battles.

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