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Pod Pursuit Event in Monopoly GO: A Look At The Rewards

Monopoly GO players eagerly anticipate and gear up for the latest thrilling Pod Pursuit tournament event in town.

Indeed, they are equally curious and excited, with high expectations for the rewards they’ll get at the end of the tournament.

In the Pod Pursuit tournament, you must focus on gaining points by shutting down other players and executing successful bank heists. If you can collect more points, you will gain the upper hand, which in return gets you free dice, money, and even card packs as you climb the ranks.

 In this article, you go through the ins and outs of the Pod Pursuit, from scoring points to the alluring rewards awaiting you at the end.

What Is Pod Pursuit Tournament In Monopoly GO?

Pod Pursuit operates as a thrilling tournament in town that involves a number of milestones and achievements to progress through.

Once the tournament comes to an end, players will have the chance to earn the rewards confined by their final standing on the leaderboard.

pod pursuit tournament monopoly go
Pod Pursuit operates as a thrilling tournament in town that involves a number of milestones and achievements.

Furthermore, Pod Pursuit is a thrilling time-limited tournament that lasts for a 24-hour time span, from October 5 to October 6, 2023.

Within this 24-hour window, you must be able to successfully execute the bank heist by accumulating points and shutting down other players.

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Dynamics Of The Pod Pursuit Tournament

In this Pod Pursuit tournament of Monopoly GO, you’ll face off against 49 other tightly contested players.

Besides, the game will divide the players into groups, and the leaderboard has the players’ position against each other.

Due to this, you’ll sometimes be matched with formidable opponents, while at other times, you might have relatively easier opponents.

1. Outline Of The Points Distribution

Here is an outline of your point distribution based on your actions.

I. Shutdown

  • Shutdown Blocked: You will get 2 points for this action.
  • Shutdown Success: You will get 4 points for this action.

II. Bank Heist

  • Small Heist: You will get 4 Points for this heist.
  • Large Heist: You will get 6 Points for this heist.
  • Bankrupt: You will get 8 Points for this heist.

2. Rolling The Dice

Excitingly, the good news is the points you earned in both shutdown and bank heist actions will multiply by the number of dice you roll.

This means that your luck and strategic prowess will play pivotal roles in gaining hundreds or even thousands of points during the event.

That’s why make sure to land on those railroad spaces and succeed in your shutdown and bank heist to maximize your chances.

Monopoly GO Pod Pursuit Rewards

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part, the rewards.

During the Pod Pursuit, you must rack up as many points as possible by competing against other players before the 24-hour window ends.

At the end of the tournament, the top 15 players on the leaderboard gain some fantastic rewards.

Thus, the top 15 players will receive a minimum of 25 free dice and 100,000 money as their rewards.

1. Rewards For The First Position

The ultimate rewards for the player finishing first on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament are:

  • Golden blue sticker pack, which guarantees you one 4-star gold sticker.
  • 1,500 free dice
  • 1,600,000 money
  • A free card packet
golden blue stiker
Golden blue sticker pack, which guarantees you one 4-star gold sticker.

2. Rewards For The Second Position

Similarly, the player that owns the Second place in the leaderboard gets the following rewards:

  • A 5-star purple pack that will guarantee you one 5-star normal sticker.
  • 750 free dice.

3. Participation Rewards

If you aim for top-tier rewards, unquestionably, you must start early and accumulate as many points as possible.

However, even if you don’t reach the top, participation rewards are waiting for you along the way.

Hence, you can receive thirty gifts, each containing free dice and other valuable items.

free dice monopoly go
You can receive thirty gifts containing free dice and other valuable items.

4. Rewards For 30 Milestones Completion

Moreover, there are 30 milestones to get through in this event.

Therefore, the big reward for anyone who finishes all 30 milestones will be 1,700 free dice.

Indeed, these 1700 free dice intentions compensate for some of the rolls you used to reach that milestone.

The Bottom Line

Hence, prepare yourself to strategize, roll those dice, and remember to aim for the highest spot on the leaderboard to claim the grand rewards.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner on a Monopoly GO, Pod Pursuit offers an exciting experience you won’t want to overlook.

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