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Collect The Witch Hat Token: Monopoly Go’s Halloween Reward

The Bewitching Bash event in Monopoly GO is a limited-time event that runs from October 23 to 27, 2023.

This event adds a fun and exciting twist, allowing players to earn rewards by collecting points to reach a particular milestone.

The Witch Hat token is a special Halloween-themed reward in Monopoly GO for reaching milestone 31 in the Bewitching Bash event.

Continue reading to learn more about the Witch Hat token and how to earn it in Monopoly GO.

What Is Bewitching Bash Event In Monopoly GO?

The Bewitching Bash event is a Halloween-themed event in which players earn rewards by scoring points.

Players can earn rewards by landing on a Chance, Community Chest, or Railroads tiles.

Moreover, the more points players earn, the higher milestone they can reach.

Bewitching Bash Event Rewards And Milestones List

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
125Green Sticker Pack
2205 Prize Drop Token
34015 Dice
515075 Dice
6408 Prize Drop Tokens
75015 Mins Rent Frenzy
855Green Sticker Pack
10375200 Dice
116013 Prize Drop Tokens
1390Prize Drop Tokens
148015 Prize Drop Tokens
1510010 Mins Cash Drop
16850500 Dice
17100Yellow Sticker Pack
1912050 Dice
2011525 Prize Drop Tokens
211.3k700 Dice
22150Pink Sticker Pack
2420040 Prize Drop Tokens
262.5k1.3k Dice and Golden Pink Sticker Pack
27275Golden Yellow Sticker Pack
2830010 Mins High Roller
2932560 Prize Drop Tokens
30400100 Dice
313.5kWitch's Hat Token and 300 Dice
32450150 Dice
3350075 Prize Drop Tokens
34650Blue Sticker Pack
357505 Mins Cash Boost
364.5k2k Dice
3780090 Prize Drop Tokens
391kBlue Sticker Pack
4110k3.8k Dice and Purple Sticker Pack
421.6kPurple Sticker Pack
431.7k20 Mins High Roller
441.8k120 Prize Drop Tokens
457kMoney and 700 Dice
463kGolden Blue Sticker Pack
473.5k150 Prize Drop Tokens
4917.5kGolden Blue Sticker Pack and 7.5k Dice

What Is Witch Hat Token In Monopoly GO?

The Witch Hat token is a particular item you can collect only after earning 11,940 points in the Bewitching Bash event.

It is a rare and unique piece since it is only available for a limited time.

Moreover, you can earn points by landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles.

Upon reaching milestone 31, you will be rewarded with the Witch Hat token.

Therefore, it looks like a witch’s hat on a broomstick, a great way to show off your skills.

Witch hat monopoly go
Collect the Witch Hat token after reaching milestone 31.
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How To Earn Witch Hat Token In Monopoly GO?

Follow these steps to reach milestone 31 and earn the Witch Hat token:

  1. Participate in the Bewitching Bash event to have a chance to earn the Witch Hat token.
  2. During the event, focus on landing on specific tiles in the game: Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad.
Bewitching bash monopoly go
Land on tiles: Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad.
  1. Take advantage of the dice multiplier, as it can boost the points you earn from landing on the unique tiles.
  2. Keep playing and collecting points by repeatedly landing on those tiles. The more points you gather, the closer you get to earning the Witch Hat token.
  3. Take advantage of the 5-minute Cash Boost and 10-minute Higher Roller events to help you reach the milestone faster.
  4. You can also use prize drop chips to get more dice rolls if you are close to reaching the token in Monopoly Go.
Bewitching bash event rewards
Collect 300 dice along with the Witch Hat token.

The Bottom Line

The Witch Hat token is a challenging reward, but it is possible with patience and persistence.

In addition to Witch Hat, players can earn rewards, including dice rolls, prize drop chips, stickers, cash, and boosts.

Hence, if players are a fan of Halloween, they should participate in the Bewitching Bash event and earn the Witch hat token.

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