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Mooncake Mayhem: Join The Fun In Party Animals

Party Animals is a fun multiplayer video game where you get to play as different cute animals.

Mooncake Mayhem is a special event based on the Mid-Autumn Festival that involves eating Mooncake.

In Party Animals, Mooncake Mayhem is a special event where you can earn exclusive rewards, such as the RGB Moon Carrot and Golden Moon Carrot skin.

Continue reading to learn more about Mooncakes and the rewards you will gain from them in Party Animals.

What Is Mooncake In Party Animals?

Mooncake is a limited-time in-game event in Party Animals that celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The event offers you a lot of exclusive Mooncake-themed rewards by completing tasks and challenges.

One of the main rewards you can earn is the Moon Carrot skin, which is a decorative outfit for your character.

mooncake is a fun and festive event
Mooncake is a fun and festive event.

Moreover, the event features a new game mode called Mooncake Toss.

The player competes to throw Mooncakes the farthest, and the player with the farthest throw wins the round.

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How To Play Mooncake Toss Mode In Party Animals?

Here’s how you can play Mooncake Toss in Party Animals:

1. Select Quick Match

Go to the main menu and select the Quick Match option to join the match.

This will place you in a random Mooncake Toss match.

After that, you’ll join a match and be in a lobby with seven other players.

Wait for the match to start and the countdown to reach zero.

2. Pick Up Mooncakes

Once the match begins, you will be able to collect Mooncakes from the ground.

To pick up a mooncake, simply walk over it and press the A button.

Mooncakes can spawn in different areas of the arena, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

3. Throw Mooncakes

To throw a Mooncake, hold down the A button and aim the Mooncake at your opponent.

Once you have aimed the Mooncake, release the A button to launch towards your target.

If you are playing in a team-based match, work with your teammates to take down your opponent.

4. Last Animal Standing

The main objective of the Mooncake Toss is to be the last animal remaining in the arena.

You can eliminate other players by hitting them with Mooncakes.

But if you’re hit by a Mooncake, you’ll be knocked out of the game.

So, don’t just stand in one spot; move around unpredictably to avoid getting hit.

Use the environment to your advantage, like bouncing Mooncakes off of walls for tricky shots.

Overall, be the last animal standing to win the game.

Rewards From Mooncake In Party Animals

Mooncakes in Party Animals bring extra fun to the game by offering various rewards.

  • Moon Carrot Skin is a decorative outfit that gives you a carrot-shaped body and a moon-shaped head.
  • RGB Moon Carrot skin is a colorful version of the Moon Carrot skin, with glowing RGB lights.
  • Golden Moon Carrot skin is a rare and valuable skin that gives you a golden carrot body and a moon head.
  • You’ll also earn some Mooncake tokens which you can use to purchase exclusive rewards from the event shop.

The Bottom Line

Party Animals is known for its chaotic and fun gameplay with various maps and modes.

However, it has been criticized for its lack of customization options and its rigidity in multiplayer matches.

Mooncake is a fun and festive event that is a great way to earn exclusive rewards and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Therefore, the event is only available for a limited time, so make sure to check it out before it’s gone!

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