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When Is The Next Partner Event In Monopoly Go?

If you are a fan of Monopoly Go, you might be wondering when is the next partner event in the game

The Partner Event is a huge social event where you can play with your friends, create something on board and win prizes.

There is no official news on the Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go. However, there is a rumor that the Next Partner might return on October 10th.

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What Is Partner Event In Monopoly?

Monopoly Go is a popular mobile device game based on the real-life Monopoly but with distinctive features that enhance the game experience.

Events are included to engage players and increase their game experience.

To participate in the Partner Event, you need to play with some friends and reaching Board 5 allows you to participate.

As you participate in the Event, you will have four slots on the board.

These slots need to be filled with the attraction. This is where you need to partner up with your friends.

Moreover, upgrading the attraction to gain points and advance would be best; you need to spin the wheel to do it.

You don’t get to spin the wheel for free; you must collect the Event tokens that work as a currency.

These Tokens can be obtained from the boards as you roll the dice.

Likewise, you can get it by participating in different events.

Each Partner Event is themed, and these tokens are needed to spin the wheel.

Correspondingly, the recent one was themed as the Choco Partner Event.

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Rewards In Partner Event In Monopoly Go

There was a big reward for the players who completed the Choco Partner Event.

The game provided players with gifts at specific checkpoints along the progress bar.

Furthermore, once they completed their attraction, they received a top prize.

However, the game had set a Grad prize such as 5000 dice, a purple pack and a cupcake token for the players who completed all four attractions.

Grand prize
The Grand Prize of Partner Event In Monopoly Go.

Nevertheless, the cash can vary from your Partner depending on your board level and net worth.

Next Partner Event In Monopoly Go

There is no official news about the Next Partner Event In Monopoly Go till now.

However, some players stated this Event would happen once a month, around the 10th -15th.

According to this, Players might get to play this Event from October 10th onward.

You can even regularly check the Monopoly Go page on your app store or Play Store.

Next Partner Event Monopoly Go
A Reddit user shared that players can check the Play Store for news of event updates.

It can update the information on events coming up.

Furthermore, you can start preparing for this Event and choose a good partner.

You can join the Monopoly Discord server to meet up with others and be partners.

It can help you complete this Event quickly without any hassle and get the grand prize.

Additionally, you can start collecting dic and cash for the Next Partner Event In Monopoly.

Other Events In Monopoly Go

Besides the Partner, players can also participate in other events running simultaneously.

For Instance, participating in the Railway Riches tournaments and another small events.

These events can be a great way to obtain the dice for the Partner Event.

By participating in this other Event, you can reach the milestone and get more dice.

The Bottom Line

The Partner Event is one of the Monopoly Go events requiring three active partners to complete it.

However, this Event is not currently active in the game, and there is no official news about the Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go.

Therefore, players had to have patience and wait till the Event arrived.

Till then, keep grinding the dice and meet a worthy partner to complete the Event quickly.

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