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Explore The Psychic Storm In Moonstone Island

The psychic storm in Moonstone Island occurs on random islands with various strong spirits for players to tame or fight against. 

However, finding the storm can be tedious since it spawns only once a day. 

Moonstone Island features various events for players to conquer. Some events even bring forth stronger enemies to fight and tame. However, with proper preparation, players can dive into the unknown and emerge victorious. 

This article discusses the psychic storm on Moonstone Island and ways to locate it.

What Is A Psychic Storm On Moonstone Island? 

Psychic Storm is an event that can occur randomly over an island every night on Moonstone Island. 

Players can obtain the psychic-type spirit from the psychic storm.

Furthermore, this is the game’s only method of taming a psychic-type spirit. 

Thus, this storm holds a lot of importance for the players of Moonstone Island. 

Likewise, depending on the location of the storm, the spirits spawning within the storm can range from level 1 to level 20. 

Preparing in advance before going into the storm in Moonstone Island is better. 

Not only that but during the psychic storm, players will encounter other spirits.

If you are unlucky, you may even meet high-level spirits of other elements. 

Players claim that they have seen level 20 grass-type spirits within the psychic storm area. 

As mentioned before, the level depends on the location.

Consequently, the level will be lower if the psychic storm spawns near your hometown. 

However, if it spawns on an island far away from your hometown, the level of the spirits will be significantly higher. 

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How To Locate Psychic Storm On Moonstone Island? 

Locating a psychic storm early on can be a daunting task. However, it is fairly easy to find the storm. 

Here are two ways to locate a psychic storm on Moonstone Island

1. Use The Map

Players can locate the psychic storm using their map.

If a psychic storm spawns, they will notice a swirl icon on an island on the map. 

Players must head to this island. Then they will come across the psychic storm. 

However, as mentioned before, players must prepare well before getting into the psychic storm. 

2. Use The Psychic Sight Potion

The next method to locate the psychic storm is to use a psychic sight potion. 

Players can brew this potion using 1 Sea Glass, 1 Dream Drop and 1 Glass Bottle

Furthermore, players must brew this potion using the Cauldron they can craft using 1 Moonstone, 2 Iron Ingots and 1 Poison

Thus, players must make sure to collect every ingredient before deciding to brew the potion. 

Furthermore, players must also remember that the psychic storm appears exactly at 20:00 game time every day. 

Players can either check the map or use the potion to pinpoint the location beforehand. 

psychic storm spirits moonstone island
Players can find various spirits in the psychic storm.

The Bottom Line

Psychic Storm in Moonstone Island is a great way to get new spirits but causes issues due to the high level of the spirits. 

Thus, if you plan on tackling the spirits in the storm, make sure to make your spirits strong as well. 

Furthermore, since the location of the storm is random, you must be vigilant about the time and the location of the storm. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in easily locating the psychic storm on Moonstone Island. 

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