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How To Obtain Melee Arcanes In Warframe?

In the recent Warframe update, Melee Arcanes brings powerful enhancements to melee combat.

These are powerful weapons you can earn without spending your in-game money.

To get Melee Arcanes in Warframe, follow a straightforward guide: find a floating book during a Bounty mission, activate it, defeat the clone boss it summons, follow the marker, and repeat the process.

In this article, we will discuss what Melee Arcanes and how to get them in Warframe.

What Are Melee Arcanes In Warframe?

Melee Arcanes in Warframe are special power-ups for melee weapons that players can obtain through specific in-game activities.

These Arcanes make your melee attacks stronger and more strategic.

They add extra abilities like higher critical chance, duplicating damage on critical hits, and spreading elemental effects.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend in-game money, and you can do this whenever you want, unlike waiting for specific daily events.

So, it’s a quick and free way to boost your melee combat skills in the game.

How To Get Melee Arcanes In Warframe?

Players can follow this guide to get the Melee Arcanes easily in Warframe:

1. Find The Floating Book

Begin a Bounty mission and keep an eye out for a floating book within the game environment.

floating book warframe melee
You must find the floating book and activate it.

Moreover, these books are key to initiating the process of obtaining melee Arcanes.

2. Activate The Book

Upon locating the floating book, interact with it to activate a special in-game event.

Further, this action sets the stage for a unique boss fight.

book boss melee warframe
Activating the book will summon a boss you need to defeat.

Moreover, this book summons a boss who has a chance to drop Melee Arcane.

3. Defeat The Clone Boss

After that, engage in battle with the boss, a clone of your Warframe, and defeat it.

This marks the successful completion of the boss encounter, a crucial step in acquiring melee Arcanes.

boss fight
Defeat the boss and follow the marker to find another floating book.

4. Follow The Marker

After conquering the clone boss, follow the marker displayed on your screen.

Further, this marker guides you to a specific location in the game world, leading you to the next phase.

5. Activate Another Book

Upon reaching the designated marker, you will discover another floating book.

Interact with this book to initiate another in-game event and activate it.

This will progress you further in the melee Arcane acquisition process.

6. Wait For Boss Defeat

Wait for the boss, spawned by the second book, to be defeated.

Moreover, this step concludes the process.

mission concluse melee weapon
Once the second boss is defeated, your mission is complete.

7. Collect The Melee Arcane

You can now collect a free, random melee Arcane.

Additionally, these Arcanes enhance your melee combat abilities in Warframe.

melee arcanes warframe
Now you will obtain melee arcanes after completing the mission.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Melee Arcanes in Warframe are special upgrades for melee weapons that enhance combat.

They offer benefits like increased critical chance and elemental effects.

To obtain them, you can easily follow our step-by-step guide.

Happy Gaming!

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