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How To Complete MT Blackwood Caverns In Royale High?

Royale High players are confused about the location of MT Blackwood Caverns and are eager to find ways to complete this treasure quest.

MT Blackwood Caverns is a spooky maze with a Halloween theme that introduces an exciting journey to find the maze’s hidden treasure.

Players can complete the Mt Blackwood Caverns in Royale High by following the path of the pumpkin lights, mastering the hidden walls, navigating the path to the crystals etc. Besides, avoid getting distracted by the tempting treasures along the way.

Continue reading to learn more about the location of the MT Blackwood Caverns and a step-by-step guide to complete the maze.

How To Get To MT Blackwood Cavern In Royale High?

To get to Mt Blackwood Cavern in Royale High, you need to go to the Wickery Cliffs area, which is a new location added in the 2022 Halloween update.

As you move forward, you can see a sign called Mount Blackwood Caverns pointing in the right direction.

Now, you must follow the sign where the arrow points, so you must walk towards a little Pumpkaboo.

MT Blackwood cavern arrow point
Follow the sign where the arrow points, so you must walk towards a little Pumpkaboo.

All you need to do is keep walking straight and take the path in the right direction.

After a short period of wandering, you will see natural fountains and a bridge that is the way to Mt Blackwood Cavern in Royale High.

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Complete MT Blackwood Caverns: No Game Pass Needed

The first step to complete the quest to find the hidden treasure is to venture into MT Blackwood Cavern and enter the maze.

1. Comfortable Attire Is Key

You must wear comfortable clothing to enter the spooky cavern.

In addition, this cavern is very stiff and risky with the path that takes you to jump and climb, so consider taking off your heels.

2. Following The Path Of Pumpkin Lights

Now, you must take the straight path and then take the path to the left to ascend into an area where you will see some pumpkin lights.

Pumpkin lights inside maze
You will notice more pumpkin lights which indicates that you are following the right path.

Furthermore, you must walk under those pumpkin lights and continue along the narrow path until you reach a drop-off where a candle marks your way.

Thus, you must hop down to the candle and proceed further.

3. Further Pumpkin Light Exploration

As you advance into the cavern, you will notice more pumpkin lights like before.

This indicates that you are following the right path, so you must take the path that leads under the lights.

4. Ascending The Mountain Of The Maze

Continue to make your way by scaling straight up the mountain part within the cave.

Meanwhile, if you are having difficulties, you can just jump.

Eventually, you will come across a pathway with a candle and a pathway without a candle within the cavern.

5. Ghostly Encounters Within The Cavern

Be cautious because, at this point, you will encounter a ghost attack in the Blackwood caverns.

Therefore, if you want to avoid the ghost, you must run straight as fast as possible to leave the ghost behind.

Ghost encounter
Be cautious because, at this point, you will encounter a ghost attack.

6. The Tempting Treasure Chest In The Maze

Following the ghostly encounter, you will see a tempting little Treasure Chest, but you must resist the urge and not go towards it.

Instead, you must go to the left of the chest and go ahead straight until you see the little hidden wall inside the cavern.

7. Mastering Hidden Walls Within The Cavern

This part is challenging, and you will face a little difficulty when climbing across the hidden wall to reach the side.

The best way to pass this hidden wall is to activate your Run Fast speed ability and work your way out by hugging the wall.

Now, after you pass the hidden wall, you must take the path downwards and then to your left, you will see pumpkin lights again.

8. Choosing The Upward Pathway In The Maze

You must go underneath those pumpkin lights in this section and head straight.

Now, you will encounter two Pathways, so you must choose between the upward and downward pathways.

You must be as tall as possible for this next part because you must get high up to reach the upward pathway.

9. Put On Your Heels 

It would help if you elevated your character’s height, so put on your tallest heels available and a long skirt.

Additionally, you can switch your walk pack to Delicate using Jam Juju animation because this gives a helpful hopping motion.

So now you need to hop up and take the path to the right, so just keep hopping, and you should make it.

10. Navigating The Path To The Crystal

Make your way towards a crystal within the maze and fall downwards to pass through a hidden wall door to find another crystal.

When you see the crystal, focus on the way it’s pointing and go that way where you will have to go up the hill.

Now, continue your journey and see another hidden wall you can walk through.

Claiming A Badge In Royale High To Unlock Rewards

You will receive a badge after successfully navigating the Mt Blackwood Cavern in Royale High.

Thus, seize the opportunity and grab the treasure chest that includes a stylish steampunk outfit.

Unveiling Your Reward

If you have difficulties opening the treasure chest, go behind it and try to open it again to get your prize.

Hence, inside this treasure chest, you will find valuable items such as 2000 candy and steampunk Wing accessories.

Finding the treaure chest
You will receive a badge and valuable items such as 2000 candy.

The Bottom Line

Even though many players get confused about where the Mt Blackwood Cavern is, it is surprisingly easy to find in Royale High.

Although completing the Mt Blackwood Caverns can be a little tricky, you can follow this guide to get your hands on Steampunk Wing treasure.

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