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How Many Crystallized Charges To Max Battery?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a complex economic system.

It involves various resources such as Zonaite, Zonai Charges, Crystallized Charges, Forge Constructs, and Crystal Refineries to max battery in TotK.

Crystallized Charges can be used to increase the battery health in Tears of the Kingdom. In total 4500 Crystallized Charges are necessary to maximize the battery level.

One crucial aspect of the game is maximizing Link’s energy cell power to enhance gameplay and unlock new possibilities.

This article will explore the mechanics of Crystallized Charges and how many Charges are needed to max battery.

What Are Crystallized Charges In TotK?

Crystallized Charges are vital in increasing the maximum energy cell capacity in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

They allow Link to power various Zonai devices and extend the duration of his adventure.

totk crystallized charges to max battery
Crystallized Charges in ToTK help to increase the battery level.

Obtaining sufficient Crystallized Charges is essential for maximizing the battery capacity and unlocking new gameplay opportunities.

Furthermore, to gather Crystallized Charges, the primary resource required is Zonaite which can be acquired by mining ore deposits in the Depths of Hyrule.

totk large zonaite location
You can find Zonaite in the Depths of Hyrule.

Once you have collected a significant quantity of Zonaite, you can exchange it for Crystallized Charges at the Forge Construct’s Location.

Players can find the Forge Construct in multiple locations, such as the Depths or the Great Sky Island.

By trading a specific amount of Zonaite, you can obtain Crystallized Charges to increase Link’s energy cell.

How Many Crystallized Charges To Max Battery?

To upgrade Link’s energy cell, you must accumulate a certain number of Crystallized Charges.

Each upgrade requires a set quantity of Crystallized Charges, and upon reaching the threshold, the energy cell capacity increase by one bar.

It has been observed that every 100 Crystallized Charges obtained increase the battery by 1/3 of the starting amount.

Therefore, you must collect 4500 Crystallized Charges to max the battery capacity.

Furthermore, some efficient strategies for containing Crystallized Charges are listed below:

1. Mining In The Depths

Exploring the Depths of Hyrule and mining ore deposits is a reliable way to acquire Zonaite.

Furthermore, Zonaite is the resource necessary for obtaining Crystallized Charges.

2. Trading At Forge Constructs

Forge Constructs are located in various areas, such as the Depths or the Great Sky Islands.

These constructs allow you to exchange Zonaite for Crystallized Charges.

Therefore, make sure to gather a substantial amount of Zonaite before trading to maximize the number of Crystallized Charges.

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3. Exploration And Chests

Players can find Crystallized Charges in chests scattered throughout the game world, including the Sky, the Depths, and the Surface.

Keep an eye out for hidden chests and explore thoroughly to uncover these valuable resources.

4. Utilize Duplication Glitch

Previously, a duplication glitch allowed players to duplicate items, including Crystallized Charges.

However, it is important to note that as of version 1.1.2, this glitch has been fixed.

Nevertheless, read more to learn about duplication glitch not working fixes in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Bottom Line

Maximizing Link’s energy cell capacity in TotK requires collecting many Crystallized Charges.

Hence, you must collect 4500 Crystallized Charges to max the battery in Tears of The Kingdom.

Furthermore, you can obtain these charges by mining Zonaite, trading at Forge Constructs, or discovering them in chests throughout the game.

By increasing the cell power, players can unlock new possibilities and enhance their overall gameplay experience.

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