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How To Complete MTZ 762 Gold Challenge?

During one of the challenges in COD: MW3, players can earn a gold skin for MTZ 762 AR.

However, there are also various complaints about the glitch in the mission.

To complete the MTZ-762 Gold Challenge, players should get 50 kills, the subsequent 50 kills with automatic shots, 10 kills through any scope, 15 headshot kills, and three kills with a single magazine 10 times.

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What Is MTZ 762 Gold Challenge?

Gun skins or camos are one of the great ways to create a unique experience for all users in any game.

However, not all gun skins are free to use and sell for up to hundreds of dollars, depending on finishing and appearance.

Thankfully, there are some skins players can get for free in MW3, including MTZ 762.

mtz 762 gold challenge
Complete all the challenges to get the gold MTZ 762 skin.

However, players must complete a few objectives in sequence to get hands-on with the battle rifle camo.

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How To Complete MTZ 762 Gold Challenge?

To progress and complete the MTZ-762 Gold Challenge in Modern Warfare II, follow the given procedure;

1. Complete 50 Kills

Winning every gun battle in the challenge is hard; hence, players must approach the fight carefully and passively.

Players should equip the MTZ-762 and defeat 50 enemies in any mode and with attachments.

Also, players can get 50 kills while using the battle rifle in automatic or semi-automatic modes.

2. Use the Automatic Mode

After completing the initial 50 kills, players should defeat the same amount of enemies in any mode.

However, players must complete the streak in the default settings using the auto mode in MTZ-762.

3. Use A Scope

Upon completing the first 100 kills, players should attack any magnification scope on their gun.

Players can use Iron Sight, cConen mini pro, Corio scope or any 3x zoom scope magnification.

This may not be easy to achieve in close range, but it can improve the accuracy and stability in the long range.

Players must defeat just Ten opponents using a sight in their battle rifle.

4. Get Headshots

Getting easy headshots might be challenging due to higher recoil, skills and precision.

modern warfare 3 modes
Try to deploy headshots using the MTZ-762.

However, there is an easier way to get headshots, i.e., flanking, hiding in the underground bunkers or just camping.

Players should get at least 15 headshot kills to complete the MTZ-762 Gold Challenge.

5. Gilded Camo Challenge

The Gilded Camo Challenge is precisely similar to other battle rifles in MW3.

In this challenge, players must complete three kills ten times.

However, the catch is players cannot reload the gun before completing three kills in a single mag.

Players who face difficulty in this challenge can equip scopes, extended magazines or available attachments.

Eventhough though deploying headshots is not necessary, players can save lots of bullets if there is accuracy.

MTZ 762 Gold Challenge Bugged

Many players are reporting the MTZ-762 Gold Challenge is bugged. 

Players should not reload the mag when they finish a single or double kill, as it is the objective, not any bug.

Additionally, for some players, the game does not show the kill progression when players complete three kills via a single mag.

However, if players keep the count, the gold camo will unlock after they complete the kill streak.

The Bottom Line

Getting MTZ-762 Gold skin in the Challenge is a great gaming experience due to the different set of objectives.

Players will learn to defeat enemies using scopes, deploying headshots or the accuracy of the challenge.

Lastly, if players are playing the challenge and can’t see the progression, continue it, as it is just a minor bug but will unlock the camo.

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