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How To Defeat Nightweaver Boss In Remnant 2?

In the Realm of Remnant 2, the Player undertakes many challenges, like battling enemies and solving puzzles.

Nightweaver is a boss found in the location called The Tormented Asylum.

You have to defeat Nightweaver Boss in two phases. In phase one, the Player can defeat the Boss by targeting her heart when she raises her hand to summon the minions. You can defeat the Boss in phase two by dodging and shooting right on the button.

In this article, we will learn more about Nightweaver Boss, its weakness and how to defeat the Boss.

Characteristics Of Nightweaver Boss

Nightweaver Boss is the most challenging Boss you must fight on Remnant 2.

It is a dream eater, a terrifying entity that hunts the Nightmare of the Dran.

Nightweaver boss
Nightweaver boss is a nightmare for the players as they have to defeat two times.

The Boss mostly flies around the area, dealing both ranged and Melee Attacks.

Furthermore, she is swift and uses powerful lungs to cover long distances and deal damage.

The best way to defeat the Nightweaver Boss is to combine dodging and range attacks.

Range attacks can stagger the Boss and efficiently target the Boss.

While dodging can be used to dodge the Boss’s various attacks, including melee and summoned minions.

Furthermore, being fully healthy before going to phase 2 is essential.

Weakness Of Nightweaver Boss

The Nightweaver boss has some weaknesses that the Player can use. Here are some of them:

  • The Boss is weak to the lightning damage, so using the lightning weapon or mods will cause more damage.
  • This Boss has a weak spot, the glowing heart of the Nightweaver.

How To Defeat Nightweaver Boss In Remnant 2?

The Nightweaver Boss fight is divided into two phases means you have to defeat the Boss two times.

Here is more detailed information on how to defeat the Nightweaver Boss.

Step 1: Clear Nightweaver Boss Phase 1

In the first phase, you have to fight the Nightweaver in the courtyard with a bigger space, unlike the second phase.

The Boss Playbook only consists of melee and ranged attacks, meaning you must rely purely on your dodging skills.

Here’s how you can effectively dodge Nightweaver’s offenses in Remnant 2.

  • Spectral Lunge (Lunges and attacks with her claws): Players must dodge any to side twice.
  • Spectral Slam (Uses her momentum to fall on the ground and deal AOE Damage): To counter this move of the Boss, simply move away from her.
  • Icy Spikes (4 Icy projectiles): You can easily dodge the projectile as they move slower.
  • Spectral Rain (Launches projectiles in different directions): Move away from the targeted area to dodge

Additionally, the Boss will summon the Beetel bomber which you can defeat using the ranged weapon.

Furthermore, she reveals her weak point when she raises her hand to call the Beetel bombing.

Players will deal extra damage when they shoot the enemy and expose their hearts.

How to defeat nightweaver in remnant2
Players will deal extra damage when they shoot the enemy when they expose their hearts.

Then, the Player can target that weak point that kills the Boss.

Step 2: Clear Nightweaver Boss Phase 2

In Phase 2, the game teleports the Player and Boss to the Asylum, where the Boss loses the ability to fly but gains the ability to pass through the door and floor.

Moreover, the Asylum is too tiny so the Player won’t have enough mobility.

To defeat the monster in phase, just stay away from the wall.

Furthermore, get accommodated to dodging and shooting right on the button.

This trick can help you defeat enemies with ease and fast.

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The Bottom Line

Tips like using the shield and portion will be valuable assets that help players to defeat the Boss.

Try to deal much damage in phase one; this job is quite challenging.

However, this strategy will help you to defeat monsters in phase 2.

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