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How To Get Wrapped Feature In Musi? Beginners Guide

Musi is a third-party music streaming app that is similar to Spotify but has a different theme and features in it.

Musi Wrapped typically includes details such as the user’s most-streamed songs, artists, and genres, as well as the total time spent listening.

To access the wrapped feature for Musi, open the app and tap More at the bottom right. Then select Run It Back 2023 from the top options which displays the overall musical journey of the year.

Continue exploring further information on how to obtain the Wrapped feature in Musi actively.

Overview Of Wrapped Feature In Musi

Wrapped is a personalized year-in-review feature that provides Musi users with insights into their favorite music throughout the year.

Further, people are actively searching for information on how to obtain Wrapped in Musi.

Wrapped in Musi
This is the Wrapped review page in Musi.

Upon completing a year of using the app, it actively generates a selection of music choices based on your past listening history.

Additionally, it is useful as Wrapping in Musi gives fresh memories of what you did and went through in the whole year.

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Where Can You Find Wrapped In Musi?

Wrapped feature music was unknown as people didn’t know that the feature existed in the app.

This feature draws inspiration primarily from Spotify, which performs the same function in both applications.

Top playlist in Musi
This is the top playlist image in the Musi app.

Furthermore, Spotify requires payment, whereas Musi offers the feature for free.

To access this feature, go to settings, then click on More, you will find an option to Run It Back.

Once you click on this particular option, you will be able to view your wrap of the year.

Methods For Obtaining Wrapped In Musi

AI actively generates the Wrapped feature in the app based on your year-long listening history, eliminating the need for manual creation.

Therefore, the music you played throughout the year actively contributes to the Wrapped feature.

Follow these ways to get you wrapped in Musi.

1. Reflection Through Playlists

One way to get a sense of your musical journey is by creating playlists.

Further, Musi allows you to curate your playlists, so you can make one that represents your favorite songs or the soundtrack of the year.

2. Top Artists And Songs

You can take a look at your most-played artists and songs.

This provides a snapshot of your musical preferences throughout the year, which will actively be included in your wrap.

3. Play History Review

Musi keeps a record of the songs you’ve played, and scrolling through this list can be a fun way to reminisce about your musical journey.

It’s like flipping through the pages of a musical scrapbook.

4. Community Engagement

Connect with the Musi community and get to know more about the release of new music and songs of your favorite genre.

Likewise, often listening to the song will create a long Wrap in the Musi as the more you listen the wrap gets longer.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, people are actively discovering and engaging with the recently revealed feature in Musi, which was previously unknown.

The Musi developers have affirmed that the feature equivalent to Spotify was present in the app long before, under the name “Run It Back.”

So, get wrapped now, and make sure to continue listening to your favorite music in the Musi app.

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