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Awakened Lucius Leaked: Abilities, Appearance And Release Date

AFK Arena is a popular mobile role-playing game that features a variety of heroes with different abilities and personalities.

One of the most beloved heroes in the game is Lucius, a noble and powerful light bearer who can heal and shield his allies.

However, recent leaks and rumors have suggested that Lucius might get a new and improved version, called Awakened Lucius.

Continue reading to explore the evidence, speculation, and hype around Awakened Lucius.

Why Is Awakened Lucius A Big Deal?

Awakened Lucius is a rumored new version of the hero Lucius in the game AFK Arena.

Lucius is a famous and influential hero who can heal and shield his allies, making him a great tank and support.

Further, it is expected to have even better abilities and a new look, which could make him a game-changer in the meta.

Many players are excited and curious about this potential upgrade, as Lucius is one of the most beloved characters in the game.

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The Evidence For Awakened Lucius

There are leaked rumors about a possible Awakened Lucius version of the hero, which might have enhanced abilities and appearance. 

Some sources claim that a cameo of Lucius confirms this in a comic, while others are just speculating or joking.

1. Comic Cameo

A comic cameo is one of the primary sources of evidence for Awakened Lucius.

It appeared in a Korean webtoon called Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God.

In one of the chapters, a character resembling Lucius can be seen in the background, wearing a different outfit and holding a sword.

However, some fans speculated that this hinted at a possible Awakened Lucius version in AFK Arena.

Notably, the game developers sponsor the webtoon.

lucius cameo
A Reddit post on Lucius Cameo.

2. Test Server

Another source of evidence is a test server leak posted on Reddit by a user named stYro.

The user claimed access to the test server and shared a screenshot of Awakened Lucius’s portrait and stats.

Awakened Lucius had higher health, attack, and defense than the original one, as well as a new skill called Divine Intervention.

The user also said that it was a warrior class instead of a tank and that he would be released in the next update.

However, these sources are not conclusive and could be fake or misleading.

Awakened lucius leaked
A Reddit post on Awakened Lucius leaked.

The Speculation And Hype 

Many fans of AFK Arena eagerly anticipate the possible release of Awakened Lucius.

Based on the leaks and rumors, new version of Lucius has the following features:

1. Abilities

Awakened Lucius may have enhanced abilities that make him more effective as a tank and support.

He may have a new skill called Divine Intervention, which could heal and shield his allies or deal damage to his enemies.

Additionally, he may have higher stats and be of a different class than the original Lucius.

2. Appearance

Awakened Lucius could have a new look that reflects his upgraded status.

Further, he might have a different outfit and a sword based on a comic cameo resembling him.

He might also have a more radiant and majestic aura than the original Lucius.

Awakened lucius
Awakened Lucius may have a new look. 

3. Release Date

Awakened Lucius could be released in the next update of AFK Arena.

However, the game developers have not confirmed this, and there is no official announcement or teaser for the Lucius yet.

Therefore, the release date is still uncertain and subject to change.

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The Official Response From The Game Developers

The game developers of AFK Arena have not given any official response regarding the leaks and rumors of a modified Lucius.

They have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of this new version of the hero.

However, some fans have noticed that the game developers have sponsored a webtoon.

It features a cameo of Lucius, which could be a subtle hint or a red herring. 

The game developers have also stated that they want to focus more on the game’s storytelling.

Further, it may imply they plan to introduce more awakened heroes with deeper lore and personality.

Contrarily, until the game developers make an official announcement or teaser, there is no information on Lucius.

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