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Overview On New MW3 Ranked Meta Loadout

Mw3 Ranked Meta loadout refers to the best meta loadout in terms of performance and win rate in rank games.

This category also includes any weapon/build that has broken logic that allows you to kill faster than it should.

Currently, the best and new MW3 Ranked Meta load-outs are MCW and Rival 9 with the MCW being regarded as the most effective weapon and Holger 556 being a high damage weapon.

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What Is MW3 Ranked Meta Loadout?

MW3 offers a huge variety of guns with different types of recoils, stocks, damage, and cost in the game.

The Ranked meta loadout is the current status of most used gun in the ranked games by pros and other players.

Hence, these meta changes in most of the updates were the developers either bugg a gun or nerf a gun.

So, it depends on the overpowered or easy-to-use status as players get comfortable using any gun.

New Meta Loadout In MW3
Win competitve matches and gain advantages by following the New Meta In MW3.
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The New Ranked Meta Loadouts In MW3.

In the latest Ranked meta load-outs in MW3, MCW and the Rival 9 are mostly used by most of the pros.

Hence, players actively use these assault rifles with a specific class, making them formidable and overpowered.

1. MCW

MCW in default class is not mostly used in ranked scenes as players prefer using class to make the gun more reliable.

Hence, pro players actively use the best class setup for MCW in MW3.

  • Dr 6 Hand Stop
  • T51R Billited Brake
  • 16.5” MCW Long Cyclone Barrel
  • Slate Reflector
  • RB regal Heavy Stock
MCW Gun In MW3
MCW is an assault rifle which has the easiest recoil control in the game.

2. Rival 9

Players actively use this gun as a secondary weapon alongside the primary weapon, which is the MCW, in ranked games.

Therefore, pro players actively utilize the best class setup for Rival 9 in MW3.

  • DR 6 Hand Stop
  • Purifier Muzzle Brake S
  • Rival-C Clearshot Barrel
  • MTZ Marauder Stock
  • Rival Vice Assault Grip
Rival 9 Gun in MW3
Rival 9 is known for its high damage output in close range in MW3.

Why Are These Guns Ranked Meta Loadouts In MW3?

In MW3, a loadout is like a customized kit for your soldier including the weapons and equipment you bring into battle.

So, choosing the right loadout can give you an advantage in different situations like clutch situations.

Why MCW is Meta?

The MW3 community actively considers the MCW loadout meta, signifying its popularity and effectiveness.

Since, the M4A1 provides a good balance of accuracy and firepower, making it reliable in various combat scenarios.

Why Rival 9 is Meta?

The Rival 9 loadout excels in close-quarters combat as the fire rate makes it lethal at short distances.

Therefore, in situations where quick reactions and agility are crucial, the Rival 9 is a favored choice among players.

Adaptability and Player Preference

The adaptability of MCW and the close-quarters dominance of Rival 9 cater to different playstyles.

Hence, this allows players to choose the best based on their preferences for the choices of guns in MW3.

The Bottom Line

The MCW and Rival 9 load-outs have emerged as meta choices, embraced by players for their easy-to-use and damage output.

Therefore, consider experimenting with these meta load-outs to see which one suits your playstyle.

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